Submission conditions

  • Why PDF?                                                                                                                                     
    Submitting your files in PDF format has a couple of advantages. First, the document layout remains the same, which keeps the quality at the same level. Also, objects like alineas or pictures will not move in the document. Additionally to that, files in PDF format can not be modified and will retain fonts and such. In this way, you will not be surprised to see any errors in your document when you reveice your order.
  • How do I convert my file to PDF?                                                                                            
    You can easily convert your files in a few different ways to a PDF format:
    • You can convert your files to PDF through all Microsoft Office programs. The most commonly used option is to save you Word file as PDF. Go to "save as", select PDF as file type and click "save" or
    • If you work in Pages, go to "Archive" > "Export to" > "PDF". Then you choose quality "Best" or
    • If you work in Open Office, go to "file" > "export as PDF". select "loss-free compression" (for images), "bookmark export", and continue embedding default fronts. Then click on "export"  or
    • Through this link you can easily convert your file to PDF. Converting may take a while, or
    • It is also possible to upload your file through our website. Our website will automatically convert you file. However, we do recommend to upload files as PDF. When converting -for example, Word to PDF- ratios may change. Tip: Please take a look at the preview (if you go over the preview with your curser, you can zoom in).  
  • Embedding fonts                                                                                                                         
    To make sure that nothing will chage in your document, please make sure you embed the used fonts. To do this, go to the Office button. Then select "Word options". Then go to the "Save" tab and check "Save quality when sharing this document", "Embed fonts in file", and click OK. A more extensive explanation can be found here.


  • The formats we supply at range from 55x85mm (business cards) to B0. You can find the dimensions of the standard sizes here. In addition to the standard formats, also offers customized work. In the order process you can specify which demensions you would like your document to be. You should submit your file in the size you would like it to be when finished.                  
  • How do you set your file in the right format?                                                                                                     
    • For all Microsoft Office programs, this can be found under the "Page Settings" button.When you click here, the following options will be displayed: Margins, Orientation, Format, and Columns. Choose for the "size" option and a window will appear to select the desired size. Do you desire a different size than what is being displayed? No problem! If you choose the last option in the window display, you can determine the size yourself. 
    • Do you work on a Mac computer that does not have Word installed on it? Then you can also customize the dimensions in the Pages program. At the top right of the navigation bar, click "Document". A window will appear with the options "Printer and paper size" and "Page orientation". Under the heading "Printer and page size", select the second bar. Here you can set the desired paper size. Under the heading 'Page orientation', you can optionally choose whether you want the page portrait or landscape. 
    • Naast Word en Pages kun je het formaat ook eenvoudig aanpassen met behulp van Photoshop of InDesign. In Photoshop kun je het formaat veranderen onder 'afbeelding' of 'bewerken'. Kies vervolgens voor de optie 'transformatie' en tot slot voor 'schalen'. Hier kun je het gewenste formaat selecteren.
    • In addition to Word and Pages, you can also easily customize the size using Photoshop or InDesign. In Photoshop, you can change the size under "Image" or "Edit". Then choose for the "Transformation" option and finally for "Scale". Here you can select the desired size.
  • Files that are not submitted in the ordered format are scaled to the desired format by us. Something you should particularly pay attention to, is the American Letter format. This format is wider and shorter than the normal A4 format. If the ratios are not equal, white edges will appear in the file. This is the case with conversion from Letter format to A4 format. You can check the preview that our website shows you in the order process, to see how your document will look.   

To prevent that text or an images will fall of off pages, you will have to consider a distance of at least 7.5 mm from the borders of the pages. This applies to both text and images. Pay close attention! This applies to non-borderless files as well as borderless files. When designing a document for a yarn-free finishing, please keep in mind that yarn-free books can not completely lay flat. This means that even when you put your design exactely in het middle of the page, there is a chance that after finishing of the book, your design does not appear as centered. This can also be seen in the preview of your document.   

In case of a full page design, you will have to choose for the "Borderless printing" option. If chosen, the document is printed on a larger sheet of paper and will be cut to the desired size. This will leave your document without any white borders. The preview of your document can provide a lot of information about how your document will look in the end.   

To ensure that the quality of your prints are as good as they can possibly get, it is important that the submitted files have an resolution of 300 DPI (dots per inch). When you don't know how much DPI a image has, try viewing the image at 100% or even 150%. Do you think the image looks acceptable? Then you're good to go and you can order with us. If not? We recommend choosing another image with a higher quality. Unfortunately, we can not improve any image resolutions. 

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    Published on 18 August 2018

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  • Nieuwe leverwijze "zeker"

    Published on 05 June 2018

    Sinds kort hebben wij een extra leverwijze geïntroduceerd. Deze leverwijze zorgt ervoor dat er nog meer zekerheid is dat uw bestelling op tijd geleverd wordt.

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