Submission conditions for beginners

Why upload your file as a PDF? There are multiple benefits to uploading your documents in PDF format: the layout will stay the same, so the quality of your file can be maintained and objects on the page do not move. Additionally, the file cannot be changed and fonts are maintained. So if you upload the file as a PDF, you can be sure the prints will look the way you expect them to.

How do I convert my file to PDF?
It is easy to change your files to PDF-format:

  • Microsoft Office (o.a. Word)Go to 'save as', select PDF as the file type and click 'save'. To be sure that the quality of the prints is as good as possible, you have to select the right quality settings when you save the file. These can be found here.

  • Pages: go to 'archive' > 'export to' > 'PDF'. After that you choose 'best' for the quality.

  • OpenOffice: go to 'file' > 'export as PDF'. Select 'lossless compression' (images), enable 'export bookmars' and 'Embed standard fonts'. Click on 'Export'.

  • Online conversion: using this link you can convert your file to PDF online. The conversion might take a while, and be sure to check the layout afterward to make sure no changes were made to the file.

  • PDF printer: install the PDF printer, open the files and choose to print them. Choose the doPDF and save the PDF file to a map of your choosing (this generally gives the best quality PDF file).

  • It is also possible to upload your file directly to our website. The documents you upload will automatically be converted to PDF. However, we advise you to upload your own PDF to reduce the chance of any changes to the layout.

Embedding fonts
To make sure nothing changes in your file, you must embed the fonts you have used. The following links will provide you with the information on how to do this in Word, InDesign, Mac.

At Print&Bind, we can produce products a small as 55x85 mm (business card) and as large as B0. The exact sizes of standard paper sizes can be found here. However, if you want your products in a size that is different from these standard sizes, that is possible too! In the order form, you can specify the sizes that you want for your products. Make sure your file has the same size as the size you are ordering, or that it at least has the same proportions.

How to get your files in the right size?                                                                                     

  • Microsoft Office programs: In the navigation bar click on the category 'layout'. Here you can edit the margins, orientation, size, and columns of your file. Select 'size' > 'More paper sizes'. After selecting this a window will appear where you can fill in the width and height that you want for your file. For more information, you can click here.

  • Pages: Click on ''document' in the upper right corner. A window will appear with the options 'printer and paper size' and 'page orientation'. Under 'printer and paper size' you can fill in the paper size you want for your file, and under 'page orientation' you can choose whether you want a landscape or portrait file.

  • ​​​Adobe Photoshop / InDesign: Go to 'image' or 'edit'. Then choose the option 'transformation' > 'scale'. Here you can select the size you want.

  • Adobe InDesign: Before you start with the layout you can choose the sizes for your file by clicking 'document' in the top left corner. Then choose 'new' > ''document'. Under 'document settings' you can choose a standard size or fill in your own custom size.

Not the right size?
Files that are not delivered to us in the right size are scaled by us to the right size. This can mean that white borders will appear on the printed version of your file (for example, the American 'Letter' size is wider and shorter than the standard A4 size. As the proportions of these are also different, white borders will appear when this is scaled to fit an A4). Always check the preview in the order form to make sure your file looks the way you want it to!

To prevent any text or image from 'falling off the page' you must take into account a margin of at least 5 millimeters. This is the case for both non-borderless and borderless files. For more information click here.

If pages in your file have a full-page design, the 'borderless printing' option is required in order for no white borders to appear on your page. When you select this option, we print your files on paper that is larger than your selected size, and we later cut this to the size you ordered. After uploading your document you can check the preview to see how your file will look.

To ensure that the quality of the prints is as high as possible it is important that the file you upload has a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch). If an image is not available in this resolution, we advise you to check this image at 100% and 150% on your screen. Do you think the image looks acceptable still at 150%? Then you can just continue with your order. If you think the quality of the image is too low, we advise you to select a different one, as we are also unable to improve the resolution.

In Microsoft Word you can convert a file to PDF without losing quality. For more information on how to do this see 'Upload your files in PDF format' above.

We understand that you might like to design a frame around your document. However, for documents that need to be printed this generally will not lead to the best results. There is a high chance that the frame will not be fully proportional at all sides after printing and cutting, which can make the prints look messy. Here you can find out what you can do about this.

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