Panel materials

Forex 3mm

Forex is foamed PVC material and therefore very firm. It is very suitable for outdoor activities and can be printed single and double sided. Forex had a smooth and hard surface.

Characteristics: 3mm PVC

Ecoboard 3,8mm

Two-sided matt white cardboard. The material can be folded in the middle and is for indoor use, because it is not water resistant. Only possible with the product panel.

Characteristics: 3,8mm karton

Dibond 3mm

Dibond is a top quality, lightweight aluminum sandwich plate with very high stiffness. These plates are made of a black polyethylene core with a 0.3 mm top layer aluminum on both sides.

Characteristics: A core of black polyethylene with a 0.3 mm aluminum toplayer on both sides

Foamplate 5mm

Foamplates have a photographic top layer, which makes photos very sharp forward. The material is light and can be printed on both sides. It has a smooth surface.

Display cardboard 2mm

On both sides ironed matt white cardboard. The material can be folded in the middle, is for indoor use only and not water resistant. Only possible with the product panel

Characteristics: 2mm whole grain cardboard, ironed on both side, UV radiation resistant, not water resistant. FSC certified

Firmplate 3.5mm

Firm plate for real estate sign. Semi-gloss white and almost completely smooth of structure. It is easy to cut and fold. Only possible with the options panel or real estate sign.

Characteristics: 3mm water resistant, UV radiation resistant, consists of 2 polypropylene plates with a network of polypropylene channels between them.

Re-board 10mm

Re-board is 100% recyclable. Both sides are provided with a white top layer, so the re-board material can be printed on both sides. This type of panel material is extremely strong due to the internal sandwich construction.

Wood 4mm

This panel material is made from Birch Multiplex. This material with a thickness of 4 mm is suitable for indoor use. As wood is a natural product, each product can look different. As we do not place a white layer underneath the print, the colors of the printed product can look different than the original. The wood grains and the structure of the wood can be seen through the printed image, which gives a playful and natural effect.

Environment: FSC certified, natural product

Characteristics: Birch Multiplex, 4 mm thick

Plexiglas 3mm

A crystal clear acrylic material that is very suitable for images. The mirror image of the design is printed on the back (the mirroring is done automatically by our software). To prevent any see-through, a white layer is placed behind the print. The material can't be folded.

Characteristics: Extruded crystal clear acrylic, 3 mm thick, stiff and flat material, water-resistant

Panel material samples

Do you want to compare panel materials or are you still in doubt about your choice? Then order our panel material samples. This makes it easy to compare the materials and allows you to see how they look and feel. Our panel materials are very diverse and each has its own unique appearance. On the samples, you can find a description of the material and the options we offer with that material.

Order samples

Still in doubt?

Still in doubt about your choice? The table on the left might help you with your choice. In this table, we have summarized the most important characteristics of our panel materials to get a clear overview. If after checking this table you still are not sure about your choice, then don't hesitate to contact us.