Paper types

Because not every document needs the same finishing, we offer different kinds op paper types. Due to this your order will have the exact appearance you want it to have. In order to ensure that orders will stay in good shape, all prints are waterproof.

80 grams paper (ecological)

The most environmentally friendly paper with a lower eco footprint than FSC, EU or recycled paper. PaperWise is made from agricultural waste and with 100% green energy, has a high whiteness and dense surface. The quality is also excellent and at least as good as standard office paper. Printenbind consciously chooses to only use this Paperwise paper type as standard 80 grams paper for the lowest possible environmental impact.

Properties: Paperwise 80 grams, resistant to aging, print is waterproof, whiteness class 165cie, Chlorine free, 103um thick, 91% opacity, ISO 9001, ISO 9706 and ISO 14001 certified

Print je losbladige prints op 80 grams papier

90 grams paper Roman (warm white)

This warm white paper has a classic look. Primarily intended for reading books where the soft cream-colored shade ensures less contrast and pleasant readability. The paper is very matt and highly writable.

Properties: Munken Pure 90 grams cream white, resistant to aging, print is waterproof, thickening, whiteness class 62cie, 102um thick, 90% opacity, FSC, PEFC, ISO 14001 certified

Warm witte papiersoort voor leesboeken

100 grams paper (firm)

Documents printed on 100 grams paper have a more luxurious appearance and feel smoother. This paper is therefore ideally suited for theses or dissertations that need to be assessed. The paper is more durable and sturdier than 80 grams paper. Colors look better because the paper is matted, making it smoother.

Properties: Xerox Color Impressions 100 grams, coated paper, resistant to aging, print is waterproof, whiteness class 165cie, 110um thick, 94% opacity

Mooi stevige luxe papiersoort van 100 grams

100 grams paper is more durable and sturdy than 80 grams paper.
Colors stand out better.

160 grams paper (extra firm)

160 grams paper is widely used for printing cover pages, flyers or portfolios. This paper looks nice and feels nice. A flyer printed on 160 gms paper will not be thrown away by anyone. Portfolios get more body if they are printed on 160 grams paper. The paper is matte because the paper is ironed. This ensures that the paper is very smooth. 160 gms paper does not suffer from transparency.

Properties: Xerox Colotech + 160 grams, coated paper, aging resistant, print is water resistant, whiteness class 164cie, 150μm, thick, 96% opacity, PEFC certified, 10-31-1120 and EU Ecolabel FR/011/002

Print flyers op 160 grams papier voor een luxe uitstraling

170 grams paper (glossy)

Luxurious mat glossy paper that makes photos look amazing. This paper is off-white in color and glossy on both sides, so double-sided printing is no problem. Create an even more glossy appearance with our coating option.

Properties: DigiGold Gloss 170 grams, machine coated gloss paper, aging resistant, whiteness class 127cie, 138um thick, 98% opacity, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 50001 certified, woodfree ECF

Glanzende flyers, folders en foto's online laten drukken op 170 grams glossy papier

250 grams paper (very firm)

Our 250 grams paper is widely used for printing flyers and magazine covers. It is very firm, which gives it a luxurious appearance. The paper is matte and does not shine through. This makes this type of paper ideal for double-sided printing.

Properties: Pro Design 250 grams, coated paper, resistant to aging, print is waterproof, whiteness class 168cie, 250um thick, 98% opacity, FSC, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, woodfree ECF

Bestel nu je prints op 250 grams papier bij online printshop

Natural card (white 300 grams)

White paper with a palpable paper fiber (less than with Classic). Gives a very matte appearance and is thickening for extra strength. Very suitable for cards, business cards, certificates and posters.

Properties: Print Speed offset white 300 grams, woodfree uncoated, resistant to aging, print is water resistant, whiteness class 161cie, 380um thick, 99% opacity, ECF, FSC Mix, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9706 certified

Laat onze 300 grams Natuurkarton papiersoort goedkoop bedrukken

Card / cover 350 grams paper

This type of paper is perfectly suitable for cards (business card, postcard, birth card, greeting card etc.) and covers. The paper feels firmer than our standard 350-grams paper and is coated on both sides. It is so smooth that it has a satin gloss, but it is not glossy.

Properties: Chromomat 350 grams, mc paper (machine coated), print is water resistant, whiteness class 150cie, 320um thick, 100% opacity, FSC Mix credit

Print je omslag en kaarten voordelig op onze hoge kwaliteit papiersoort 350 grams kaart

Classic paper (Warm white 270 grams)

Warm (off-white) white paper with the structure slightly visible through the print. The surface is not very rough, but absolutely not smooth either, it feels a bit soft. Color prints and texts come out well, but due to the broken structure prints are less sharp than on smooth papertypes. There is a minimal variance in structure between the front and back, but the color tone is the same on both sides and comparable to Old Dutch. Excellent writable papertype.

Properties: Mohawk Superfine Eggshell 270 grams, eggshell embossed, print is waterproof, 348um thick, 98% opacity, FSC Mix certified C018501, woodfree ECF

Bedruk mooie klassieke papiersoort voor luxe kaarten

Old Dutch (warm white 300 grams)

Warm (off-white) white paper with a clear line structure, this is also visible through the print. Surface also feels very rough but soft due to the structure. The color tone is the same on both sides and comparable to Classic. Excellent writable papertype. Note: The direction of the line structure can vary per order.

Properties: Conqueror Laid snow white 300 g, fixed, print is waterproof, 430um thick, 100% opacity, FSC Mix certified C018501, woodfree ECF

Print 300 grams Oud Hollands papier voor luxueuze kaarten

paper with LINEN structure (white 250 GRAMS)

Linen structure (type of grid pattern) that is visible and has a lot of influence on the print. But this is precisely what gives the document its own unique appearance and shows the power of the paper. Texts are still sharp and easy to read, photos / images are slightly more broken by the structure. The whiteness is slightly off-white, but whiter than Classic or Old Dutch papertypes. Surface and color are the same on both sides.

Characteristics: Rives Design 250 grams, 2-sided fine veined pressing, print is waterproof, 328um thick, 100% opacity, FSC Mix certified C018501, woodfree ECF

Laat je kaarten printen op 250 grams Linnen papier


Special type of paper with a light metallic effect (unique!). Has little structure and an ironed surface. The 'sparkling' effect does not prevail and is only visible in a certain angle. The color tone is warmer than in Classic & Old Dutch, front and back are the same in terms of surface and color. Excellent writable papertype.

Characteristics: Curious Metallics 300 grams, subtle speckled effect, print is waterproof, 360um thick, 98% opacity, FSC Mix certified C018501, woodfree ECF

Metallic subtiel papier printen met lichte glitters


Unique type of paper with a crystal white pearly effect and shines from all viewing angles. The effect is strongly present and therefore we only recommend this with the correct application (eg invitation to a gala party). The surface is slightly rough and the structure of paper is very slightly visible (but not disturbing). Surface and color (crystal clear white) are the same on both sides. Excellent writable papertype.

Characteristics: Curious Metallics 300 grams, silver-white mother-of-pearl effect, print is water-resistant, 414um thick, 98% opacity, FSC Mix certified C018501, wood-free ECF

Stevig kaart papier met veel glitters voor een feestelijke uitstraling


This ecological paper (almost cardboard) is made from agricultural waste and therefore has a very low 'footprint'. You can slightly feel the fibers of the papertype and due to the production method the surface is not homogeneously constructed. This is not disturbing and gives it a contemporary character. The color is beige and both sides are the same, but the shade does have an effect on the color & readability (we do not print white as the backgroundcolor). Due to its robustness and structure, this material can also be assessed as cardboard. Excellent writable papertype. Note: It is possible that surface effects are visible through the print.

Characteristics: PaperWise 295 grams, uncoated paper, natural brown color, 439um thick, 100% opacity, not bleached compostable, woodfree ECF

Ecovezel papier is gemaakt van landbouwafval, super duurzaam dus!

Kraft paper (brown 285 grams)

Recycled paper (almost cardboard) of which, just like with Eco fiber paper, the surface is not homogeneous. Surface can be called smooth and due to its brown color not very suitable for photo / color prints. Black texts and small color elements are perfectly readable, but the brown color also has an influence on the print (we do not print white as the background color). Due to its robustness and structure, this material can also be assessed as cardboard. Excellent writable paper. Note: It is possible that surface effects are visible through the print. Due to the natural composition, the color of different batches may vary. The color hue of the front and back are always slightly different from each other.

Kraft papier is gemaakt van gerecycled bruin karton

NEVERTEAR (125/270 UM)

Nevertear (white polyester) is tear, water and weather resistant, making plasticizing unnecessary. It is a specially developed PVC material that is ideally suited for menu cards and other printables that have to take a beating. The prints look excellent. Nevertear is a beautiful white material with a slight shine, but rather matte than glossy. Resistant to intensive use, rain, sweat, all-purpose cleaner, lubricating oil, etc.

Properties: Xerox Nevertear premium, clear white polyester, complies with safety standard EN 71-3 (1995), contains no chlorine, CFCs or other halogens, 99% opacity.

Water- en scheurbestendige prints nodig? Druk ze af bij!

Poster paper (190 grams)

This extra firm and durable satin photo paper is especially made for posters. The surface is smooth and has a light shine (rather matt than glossy)

Properties: Canon satin fotopaper 190 grams, 230um thick, light shiny.

Prachtige posters printen op ons luxe 190 grams posterpapier


Stickers can be printed on Poly-Master-Vinyl (PMV) and are resistant for outdoor use up to 1 to 2 years. The sticker paper is matte with a good color rendering. Due to the sturdy ultra-strong plastic material, the stickers are weather and (sea) water resistant, dirt-resistant (including oil), non-tearable and resistant to low and high temperatures. This makes the stickers very suitable for intensive use for indoors (such as warehouses) and outdoors. The PMV stickers have a BS5609 approval, which means that the adhesive strength of the sticker is so high that it can withstand two months of seawater!

Properties: Raflatac Polylaser matt white, 58um thick / 75 grams, 88% opacity, BS5609 approved.

Print stickers op ons sterke vinyl materiaal, voor buitengebruik!

Stickervel papier (89um)

We also print stickers on white paper sticker material. The surface is matte and rough, similar to office paper. Ideal as a label for a wine / beer bottle. This sticker paper is not water resistant.

Properties: Raflatac Jetlaser matt white, 89um thick / 70 grams, 92% opacity, ECF, recyclable permanent adhesive Greentac +, ISO 9001 certified

Print je wijn- en bier etiketten goedkoop online!
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