Paper types

Because not every document needs the same finishing, we offer different kinds op paper types. Due to this you can give your order exactly the appearance you want it to have. In order to ensure that orders will stay in good shape, all prints are waterproof.

80 grams paper (standard)

To print your document on 80 grams paper is an economical choice. This paper type is often used for manuals, readers or document for own use. It is similar to standard office paper, but then of A-quality. It is mat white paper, on which colorprints appear well. Due to the thin paper, it can be translucent. When this happens the print shines slightly through the paper.

Characteristics: Xerox Colorprint 80 grams, resistant to aging, print is waterproof, whiteness class 165cie, 98um thick, 91% opacity, FSC Mix certified C018779

100 grams paper (firm)

Documents printed on 100 grams paper have a more luxurious appearance en feel smoother. This paper is therefore very suitable for assignments, theses or dissertations that have to be evaluated. The paper is more durable and sturdy than 80 grams of paper. Colors are brighter, because the paper is matted, which makes it smoother.

Characteristics: Xerox Color Impressions 100 grams, ironed paper, resistant to aging, print is waterproof, whiteness class 165cie, 110um thick, 94% opacity

100 grams paper is firmer and more durable than 80 grams papier                                                                                       Colors are brighter

160 grams paper (extra firm)

160 grams paper is frequently used for covers, flyers or portfolios, because it looks and feels good. Flyers printed on this paper type will not be thrown away quickly and portfolios get more body. 160 grams is ironed, which ensures the paper being matt and smooth. This extra firm paper will not shine through.

Characteristics: Xerox Colotech+ 160 grams, ironed paper, resistant to aging, print is waterproof, whiteness class 164cie, 170um thick, 96% opacity

300 grams paper (very firm)

A luxurious and very sturdy material is 300 grams of paper. Certificates, (post)cards and covers are printed on this paper. It's very firm so ideal for single-page documents. This paper type is also ironed, which makes it matt and there is a slight gloss (but it is not glossy)

Characteristics: Xerox Colotech+ 300 grams, ironed paper, resistant to aging, print is waterproof, whiteness class 164cie, 255um thick, 99% opacity

Card / cover 350 grams paper

Especially for cards (business cards, postcards etc.) and covers, we have this paper type in stock. The paper feels more fim than our standard 300 grams paper and is coated on both sides. It is very smooth paper with silk gloss on it (but it is not glossy)

Characteristics: Chromomat 350 grams, mc paper (machine coated), print is waterproof, whiteness class 150cie, 100% opacity, FSC Mix credit

Poster paper (170 grams)

This extra firm and durable satin photo paper is especially made for posters. The surface is smooth and has a light shine (rather matt than glossy)

Characteristics: Canon satin fotopaper 170 grams, 170um thick, light shiny.

Nevertear 95/270µm

Nevertear is tear-, water- and weather proof which makes plasticizing unnecessary. It is a specially developed PVC material that is perfect for menu cards and other firm printables. The prints look excellent. Nevertear is a nice white material with a slight gloss, but rather mat than glossy. It is resistant to intensive use, rain, sweat, cleaner, lubricating oil, etc.

Sticker paper

Stickers are printed on Poly-Master_Vinyl (PMV) and can be used outside for about 1 to 2 years. The material is matt with a good color display. Due to the firm ultra-strong synthetic material, the stickers are weather and water resistant, dirt-repellent (eg oil), non-crackable and resistant to low and high temperatures. Hereby the stickers are very suitable for intensive use for indoors (such as warehouses) and outdoors. The PMV stickers have a BS5609 approval, which means that the stickers adhesive strength is so high that it can endure seawater for two months!

  • Omslagen met beschermende & glanzende coating

    Published on 30 August 2017

    Onze printers hebben veel nieuwe opties waaronder een extra coatinglaag. Deze coatinglaag is een glanzende transparante laag die wordt aangebracht op de cover van garenloos boekjes. Dit zorgt voor een mooie uitstraling en zorgt voor extra stevigheid van de cover.

  • round corners

    Published on 11 August 2017

    Om uw product een andere uitstraling te geven dan de standaard producten hebben wij een nieuwe optie toegevoegd aan de afwerking.

  • Korte zijde garenloos

    Published on 25 July 2017

    It is now possible to bind your books yarn-free on the short side!

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  • Perfect

    Published on 05 January 2018 by Leny Dörner ev Vervoort

    Perfect. Snelle levering.

  • recomended

    Published on 30 November 2017 by Masha

    Fast, reliable and good prices

  • Fast and precise work

    Published on 08 November 2017 by Seleen Suidman

    The work is checked before printing it. They checked all the comments I added and it looks very nice in real life. Besides, they were super fast en cheap compared to others. I would recommend Printenbind!

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