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Firm paper

If you want to make your prints a bit more luxurious, our firm paper type is one to consider. It is a bit smoother and less translucent than our standard paper type, and therefore often used to print dissertations, theses and papers. Tables and images also look very good on this paper type. During the production of this paper, environmental considerations are also taken into account.

    Characteristics of firm paper

    Below you can find an overview of the characteristics of firm paper.

    Paper type








    100 grams

    110 um



    matt, smooth

    EU Ecolabel, Woodfree ECF, FSC Mix, ISO 14001 certified

    Technical specifications of our firm paper: Pro Design 100 grams, ISO 9706 (resistant against aging), print is waterproof, whiteness category 165cie, 94% opacity

    The perfect finishing options for firm paper

    The finishing possibilities for our firm paper type are endless. Not only can we cut this paper to almost any size, but we can also finish it with round corners or a glossy coating. Of course, this paper can also be folded to make a folder.

    Choosing a paper size for firm paper

    Our firm paper type is suitable for many products in many different sizes. Firm paper will give the interior of your book a more professional look. Magazines are also often printed on this paper type, which looks especially great when the cover is printed on a sturdier paper type.

    Want to know more about the finishing options for firm paper?

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