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Number of copies of your document


Total number of pages of your document (we count each side as a page, double sided prints count as 2 pages). Make sure you include the front and back cover when counting. The number of pages must be divisible by 4.

A6 size

Final size (after finishing) is A6

A5 size

Final size (after finishing) is A5

A4 size

Final size (after finishing) is A4

Size differs

You can specify a different size here (width x height in mm). You enter the final size that must remain after trimming (without bleed) or finishing (folding, binding, etc.) or finishing (folding, binding, etc.)

Double sided printing

The paper will be printed on both sides. When you submit multiple files, they will be merged and printed as a whole.

Borderless printing

De standaard printmarge is 5mm, lopen afbeeldingen of teksten tot aan de rand? Kies dan voor deze optie. Wij produceren je document dan op een wijze waarbij de printmarge niet van toepassing is (als je geen bleed aanlevert wordt je document rondom met 1mm vergroot, deze vergroting snijden wij weer weg / schoon).

Kies je deze optie niet dan zal de buitenste 5mm (rondom) onbedrukt / wit blijven (zie plaatje rechts). De optie "randloos" is niet in alle combinaties mogelijk.
Tip: Gebruik de preview weergave om te kijken of deze optie nodig is.

Voor de experts: 3mm / 5mm bleed aanhouden, snijtekens zijn toegestaan. Dankzij deze bleed vergroten wij het document niet.

Completely black/white

The entire document will be printed in black and white. Whatever is in color will be printed in grayscale.

Cover in color

Only the cover (front and back) will be printed in color, the inside prints will be printed in black/white

Full color

The entire document will be printed in color.

Standard paper (white 80 grams)

Meest milieuvriendelijk papier met een lagere eco footprint dan FSC, EU of recycled papier. PaperWise wordt gemaakt van landbouwafval en met 100% groene energie, heeft een hoge witheid en dicht oppervlak. De kwaliteit van het papier is verder prima en minstens net zo goed als standaard kantoorpapier. Nadeel is wel dat de inkt in de vezels trekt en zorgt voor een fletse afdruk.

Geschikt voor:
Handleidingen, ebooks, lesmateriaal, eenvoudige boekjes, eenmalig gebruik

Environment: Made of 100% agricultural waste, ISO 14001 (reinforcement & control of environmental conservation), Chlorine-free
Properties: Paperwise 80 grams (ecological), ISO 9706 (resistant to aging) and ISO 9001 certified, print is water resistant, whiteness class 165cie, 103um thick, 91% opacity

Roman paper (off-white 90 grams)

Warm white paper type with a classic appearance. Mostly suitable for reading books: the soft crème color ensures less contrast for a pleasant readability. The paper is very mat and excellently writable.

Suitable for:
(reading)books, magazines, brochures, notebooks, flyers and price lists

Environment: Made from 100% recycled material, FSC, PEFC, EU Ecolabel, EMAS, TCF, ISO 14001 (reinforcement & control of environmental conservation)
Properties: Munken Pure 90 grams crème white, thickening, ISO 9706 (bestand tegen veroudering), afdruk is watervast, whiteness class 62cie, 121um thick, 90% opacity

Firm paper (white 100 grams)

Ideaal voor kleur afdrukken, geen golven bij intensieve kleuren. Dit papier zorgt voor extra contrast, levendige kleuren en scherpte. Het is wat gladder dan 'standaard' papier en heeft minder last van doorzicht (doordruk bij dubbelzijdig). Wij adviseren dit papiersoort voor dubbelzijdig afdrukken, intensief kleur gebruik en voor een luxere uitstraling. Uitstekend beschrijfbaar.

Geschikt voor:
Scripties, Thesis, Rapporten, Familieboeken, Presentaties

Environment: EU Ecolabel, Woodfree ECF, FSC Mix, ISO 14001 (strengthening & controlling environmental conservation)
Properties: Pro Design 100 grams, ironed paper, ISO 9706 (resistant to aging), print is water resistant, whiteness class 165cie, 109um thick, 94% opacity

Extra firm (white 160 grams)

Extra thick and very opaque for superior print results. With this quality your document stands out more and has a very solid appearance. The paper is slightly smoother than 'solid' paper, images and designs will not shine through the paper with double-sided printing . Excellent writable type.

Suitable for:
Title page, High quality graphic documents, flyers, posters, design documents

Not possible with:
Thermal binding

Environment: EU Ecolabel, PEFC, FSC Mix, ISO 14001 (strengthening & controlling environmental conservation)
Properties: Pro Design 160 grams, ironed paper, ISO 9706 (resistant to aging), print is waterproof, whiteness class 164cie, 158um thick, 96% opacity

Glossy (off-white 170 gr)

Luxurious glossy paper which makes photos look amazing. This paper is off-white in color and glossy on both sides, so double-sided printing is no problem at all. It is very suitable for photos but not comparable to high-gloss photo paper which photo specialist stores provide.

Suitable for:
Flyers, Posters, Affiches, Photobooks

Environment: Woodfree ECF, EU Ecolabel, FSC Mix, EMAS, ISO 14001 (enhancement & management of environmental conservation) and ISO 50001 (energy limitation & sustainability)
Properties: DigiGold Gloss 170 grams, machine coated gloss paper, ISO 9706 (resistant to aging) and ISO 9001 certified, whiteness class 138cie, 138um thick, 98% opacity


Choose the desired cover, check out our overview of paper types to see all our different paper types.

Cover glossy

The outside of the cover will have a special coating, which gives the cover an extra gloss and protects it against dirt, water and scratches.

Cover matt-laminated

The cover is protected with a 43um thick matt lamination (soft touch). This is a scratch-resistant layer that protects the paper against moisture and pollution (sides of the paper are not closed and accessible to moisture). This finish is recommended for frequent use and offers more protection than the glossy coating.

Printed back

The last page of your document is visible on the outside (the back). If you have chosen double sided printing, the inside might also be printed, this depends on the number of pages of your document. If you want to avoid this, add a blank page to your document.

Folding and stapling

The document will be folded, on the folding line we will apply 2 staples to hold the sheets together. The back spine will be slightly folded square-shaped, so the document remains flat

On the short edge

The document will be stapled and folded on the short edge

Round corners

The corners are rounded with a machine in a radius of 3/8" - 9.5mm (a small corner may still be visible).

Standard document check

Basic check of the document when starting the production. We will always make sure your document is usable after printing.


  • Document scaled properly
  • Proper bleed
  • Pages rotated

Extended document check

With this option we check your document early in the process. We advice to check this option when you order a large quantity, presentation material or complicated documents.


  • Document scaled properly
  • Proper bleed
  • Resolutions of the images
  • Margins (text at safe distance from the edge)
  • Finishing
  • Pages rotated

Pick-up in Amsterdam (at Print&Bind or pick-up point)

You can pick up the order from 16:00h (or 10:00h urgently) at Print&Bind in Amsterdam Sloterdijk, our location is easily accessible by car (A10) or public transport (metro stop Isolatorweg).

TIJDELIJK: Vanwege de enorme drukte is het tijdstip voor afhalen in de middag aangepast naar 18:00.

We keep your order for a maximum of 2 weeks.

Opening hours:

Monday till Thursday 08:00 - 21:30
Friday 08:00 - 18:00
Saturday till Sunday 09:00 - 18:00

In addition, pick up at one of the pickup points in Amsterdam is possible from 6 p.m.

Your order will be held for a maximum of one week at the location, so do not wait to long to pick up your package.

Send by post

Order will be delivered by letterbox or parcel post (depending on the size). There are various possibilities like:
- Pick up at PostNL location 16:00h
- Pick up at PostNL location 8:30h
- Evening delivery
- Morning delivery 10.00h
- Sunday delivery
- International
Read more about it on the page delivery methods

Manufacturing costs urgent

With urgency your order will be processed the same day (if your order before 1 pm). With budget you will get a discount but the production will take longer (4 days).

9% VAT for periodicals

Media die minstenst driemaal per jaar (periodiek) verschijnen, vallen onder het 9%-tarief, zie uitleg Belastingdienst. Dit betreft meestal magazines en tijdschriften welke iedere week, maand of kwartaal worden uitgegeven.

Let op: Misbruik van deze optie kan zorgen voor vertraging in de levering.

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