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Number of copies of your document

A6 size

Final size (after finishing) is A6

A5 size

Final size (after finishing) is A5

A4 size

Final size (after finishing) is A4

Square size

Final size (after finishing) is 135x135mm

Din long (210x99) size

Final size (after finishing) is 210x99mm

Size differs

You can specify a different size here (width x height in mm). You enter the final size that must remain after trimming (without bleed) or finishing (folding, binding, etc.) or finishing (folding, binding, etc.)

Round (diameter)

You can specify the diameter, from small to large. Enter the final size which remains after cropping, without bleed.

Single sided printing

The paper will be printed on 1 side

Double sided printing

The paper will be printed on both sides. When you submit multiple files, they will be merged and printed as a whole.

Pre-printed to send

The back will be pre-printed, so you can send it as a post card. We will place our name very small on the back of this card.

Borderless printing

The standard print margin is 5mm, do images or texts extend to the edge? Then choose this option. We will then produce your document in a way where the print margin does not apply (if you do not provide bleed, your document will be enlarged all around by 1mm, we will cut the document back to the correct size).

If you do not choose this option then the outer 5mm (around) will remain unprinted / white (see picture on the right). The "borderless" option is not possible in all combinations.
Tip: Use the preview to see if this option is necessary.

For the experts: 3mm / 5mm bleed persists, crop marks are allowed. With a bleed, we do not enlarge the document.

Natural card (white 300 gr)

White paper with a noticeable paper fiber (less than our Classic paper type). Ensures a very mat appearance and is thickening for extra firmness.

Suitable for:
cards, business cards, certificates, posters

Environment: ECF, FSC Mix, EU Ecolabel, ISO 14001 (reinforcement & management of environmental conservation)
Properties: Print Speed offset white 300 grams, wood free un-ironed paper, ISO 9706 (resistant to aging) and ISO 9001 certified, print is waterproof, whiteness class 161cie, 378um thick, 99% opacity

Card paper

Super firm 350 grams paper, off-white. Both sides coated with a light gloss (is more mat than glossy). Is suitable to write on, but it takes a few seconds for it to dry well (so it smears a bit if you brush over it too quickly).

Suitable for:
Business cards, Cards, Portfolio, Loose pages

Environment: FSC Mix credit, EU Ecolabel, ECF certified
Properties: MultiCard 2S 350 grams, mc paper (machine coated), print is waterproof, whiteness class 133cie, 345um thick, 100% opacity

Classic paper (Warm white 270 grams)

Warm (off-white) paper of which the structure is slightly visible through the print. The surface is not very rough, but absolutely not smooth either, it feels a bit soft. Color prints and texts come out well, but due to the broken structure prints are less sharp than on smooth paper types. There is a minimal variance in structure between the front and back, but the color tone is the same on both sides and comparable to Old Dutch. Excellent writable paper type.

Suitable for:
cards, business cards, certificates, posters

Not possible with:
Perfect / thermal binding, laminating, coating

Environment: FSC Mix C018501, woodfree ECF certified
Properties: Mohawk Superfine Eggshell 270 grams, eggshell embossed, print is waterproof, 348um thick, 98% opacity

Old Dutch paper (warm white 300 grams)

Warm (off-white) paper with a clear line structure, this is also visible through the print. The surface feels very rough but soft due to the relief. The color tone is the same on both sides and comparable to Classic. Excellent writeability. Note: The direction of the line structure may vary per assignment.

Suitable for:
cards, business cards, certificates, posters
< br>Not possible with:
Binding, coating

Environment: FSC, ECF (Chlorine-free), 94/62/EC (free of heavy metals), ISO 9001
Properties: Gmund Original Verge 300 grams, laid, print is waterproof,325um thick, 100% opacity

Paper with linen pressing (white 300 grams)

A linen structure (sort of grid pattern) that is visible. Texts are still sharp and legible, photos / images are slightly more broken due to the relief. The whiteness is slightly warmer, but whiter than Classic or Old Dutch paper. Surface and color are the same on both sides.

Suitable for:
cards, business cards, certificates, posters

Not possible with:
Binding, coating

Environment: FSC, ISO 14001 (enhancement & control of environmental conservation)
Properties: FocusCard 300 grams, 2-sided linen pressing, wood-free smooth natural cardboard, ISO 9706 (resistant to aging), print is waterproof,328um thick, 100% opacity

Pearl luxury paper (white 300 grams)

Unique type of paper with a crystal white pearly effect and shines from all viewing angles. The effect is strongly present and therefore we only recommend this with the correct application (e.g. invitation to a gala party). The surface is slightly rough and the structure of paper is very slightly visible (but not disturbing). Surface and color (crystal clear white) are the same on both sides. Excellent writable paper type.

Suitable for:
cards, business cards, certificates

Not possible with:
binding, coating

Environment: FSC Mix C018501, woodfree ECF, ISO 14001 (reinforcement & control of environmental conservation)
Properties: Curious Metallics 300 grams, silver white pearl effect, ISO 9706 (resistant to aging), print is waterproof, 414um thick, 98% opacity

Eco fiber paper (beige 295 grams)

This ecological paper (almost cardboard) is made from agricultural waste and therefore has a very low 'footprint'. You can slightly feel the fibers of the paper type and due to the production method the surface is not homogeneously constructed. This is not disturbing and gives it a contemporary character. The color is beige and both sides are the same, but the shade does have an effect on the color & readability (we do not print white as the background color). Due to its robustness and structure, this material can also be assessed as cardboard. Excellent writable paper type. Note:It is possible that surface effects are visible through the print.

Suitable for:
cards, business cards, certificates, posters

Not possible with:
binding, coating

Environment: Made from agricultural waste, unbleached compostable, wood free ECF, ISO 14001 (strengthening & controlling environmental conservation)
Properties: PaperWise 295 grams, non-ironed paper, natural brown color, 439um thick, 100% opacity

Basic cut out

The document will be cut out on the chosen size

Pattern cut out

The outer edge of the card is cut out with a pattern. The pattern edge is applied using a robot cutter. These cutters are fast and precise, therefore all cards will be produced the same. You can choose from 6 different variants.

Contour cut out

Your document will be cut on the contour lines. Please note, this is an "expert" option: it is fairly complex to provide this properly in your file. Deliver your document with a separate layer for the contour lines. Look here for instructions.

The contour lines are visible as a blue line in the preview. If the contour lines have not been delivered correctly, a message will appear. Don't see an error? Then you did well!

Complex figures (many sharp corners/very small forms) are difficult to produce and therefore this is not possible.

Folded in the middle (creased)

The card will be delivered unfolded, but with a crease that makes it easy to fold. The chosen size is the final size (possibly after folding). Example: you choose A5 size in combination with middle fold, after folding the card will have the final size A5.

Short sided binding

The document will be folded on the short edge

Round corners

The corners are rounded with a machine in a radius of 3/8" - 9.5mm (a small corner may still be visible).


The coating is a transparent top layer that provides extra shine and protection. This also provides (limited) protection against water (for example, spilling a cup of coffee). You should not compare this to laminate, because the coating is formed by transparent toner that seals the paper and the print.


The print is provided with a protective plastic layer (125um). This layer provides protection while the structure of the paper is preserved.

This laminate is unsuitable for the use of whiteboard markers, this leaves a permanent impression.

Coating front

The front will be coated. With a folded card this only applies to the outside (the inside is not possible)

Coating front and back

The front and back will be coated.

Single sided mat-laminated

The prints are provided with a matt lamination layer of 125um on one side. So every sheet is laminated on the front.

Laminate on both sides

The prints will be provided with a mat laminate layer of 125um on both sides.

We deliver envelopes in high quality (120 grams). We provide them for different card sizes: A5, A6, Square (135x135mm) and Din large (210x99mm). All sizes are available in diverse colors: basic, powerful, dark, pastel and metallic.

This option is available depending on your chosen paper size (no need to choose the size of your envelope, it will match your ordered paper size automatically. If you want you can order envelopes separately via this order form). All envelopes have a gummed glue strip. Tip: use a wet sponge to close them quickly and easily

Check out our detailed overview of all the colors

Standard document check

The standard check sees whether your file has been correctly submitted for printing. This is an automated check that looks at the points below:

  • Document scaling
  • Bleed area (link to page bleed)
  • Rotate pages correctly

Extended document check

With this option you opt for certainty and we manually check the document. We recommend this option for large orders, presentation materials, complicated documents or if you have doubts about the document. We check various points depending on the selected product:

  • Appropriately scaled
  • Pages rotated correctly
  • Resolution
  • Margins (text on safe distance from edge, see uitleg)
  • Finishing (if applicable)
  • Continuous pages (if applicable)

Pick-up in Amsterdam (at Print&Bind or pick-up point)

You can pick up the order from 16:00h (or 10:00h urgently) at Print&Bind in Amsterdam Sloterdijk, our location is easily accessible by car (A10) or public transport (metro stop Isolatorweg)
We keep your order for a maximum of 2 weeks.

Opening hours:

Monday till Thursday 08:00 - 21:30
Friday 08:00 - 18:00
Saturday till Sunday 09:00 - 18:00

In addition, pick up at one of the pickup points in Amsterdam is possible from 6 p.m.

Your order will be held for a maximum of one week at the location, so do not wait to long to pick up your package.

Send by post

Order will be delivered by letterbox or parcel post (depending on the size). There are various possibilities like:
- Pick up at PostNL location 16:00h
- Pick up at PostNL location 8:30h
- Evening delivery
- Morning delivery 10.00h
- Sunday delivery
- International
Read more about it on the page delivery methods

Manufacturing costs urgent

With urgency your order will be processed the same day (if your order before 1 pm). With budget you will get a discount but the production will take longer (4 days).

Urgent order: +20%
Budget: -10%

Price and delivery date are calculated automatically

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