Pick-up points Amsterdam

With our unique pick-up points, we can deliver your order within 5 hours! Placed your order wih the urgent option before 13.00h? Than your order can be picked up from 18.00h at your chosen pick-up point. You can also pick up your order at Printenbind (nearby Sloterdijk). 

How does it work?

Place your order online (with the "urgent" option if your want your order the same day), and we will make sure that everything is ready at 16.00h after which our courier will deliver them at our pick-up points in Amsterdam. That will take about two hours.

You will receive a message (sms or mail) that your order has been shipped. You can pick up your order at the desk by the location of your choice.

The pick-up points are often small locations, so the packages will be kept for a maximum of 1 week, so don't wait too long!

Become a pick-up point?

Boost your company or store and attract new customers! Become a pick-up point in Amsterdam for Printenbind.nl. Register your company here!

Overview locations

1. Café Restaurant Polder
2. Café Het Paleis
3. VU Boekhandel
4. Sportcentrum VU
5. Koffiebar Gezondigd
6. House of Watt
7. FatDaddy new
8. Lunch Hoek new

Café Restaurant de Polder

Science Park 205
1098XH Amsterdam 

Daily opened from 10.00h till 23.59h.

Café Het Paleis

Paleisstraat Centrum 16
1012RB Amsterdam

Daily opened from 09.30h till 23.59h.

VU boekhandel

De Boelelaan 1105
1081HV Amsterdam

Daily opened from 9.00h till 19.00h (Saturday from 10.00h tot 15.30h), closed on Sunday.

Sportcentrum VU

Uilenstede 100
1183AM Amstelveen

Daily opened from 08.15h till 23.30h (weekends from 10.00 till 18.00u).

Koffiebar Gezondigd

Haarlemmerplein 36
1013HS Amsterdam

Mo-Fri open from 08.00h till 18.00h. Sa-Sun from 09.00h till 18.00h.

House of watt new

James Wattstraat 73
1097 DL Amsterdam

Daily opened from 8.00h till 22.00h (weekends 10.00h - 22.00h)

Fatdaddy new

Vijzelgracht 7
1017 HM Amsterdam

Mo-Thur opened from 9.00h till 18.30h. Fri-Sun opened from 9.00h till 19.00h.

Lunch Hoek new

Jan Evertsenstraat 155
1057 BW Amsterdam

Daily opened from 8.00h till 22.00h.

  • Nu nog scherpere prints

    Published on 13 November 2019

    Wij proberen altijd het optimale uit onze printers te halen. Dagelijks worden de printers nagelopen en gekalibreerd. Daarnaast zoeken wij altijd mogelijkheden om de printkwaliteit te verbeteren. Daarom is het je wellicht opgevallen dat onze printkwaliteit nu nog beter is!*

  • 4 nieuwe papiersoorten

    Published on 16 October 2019

    Met trots presenteren wij onze nieuwe papiersoorten! De 4 nieuwe papiersoorten zijn zorgvuldig uitgekozen om tot een optimaal resultaat te komen. De papiersoorten zijn natuurlijk zeer geschikt om mooi op te kunnen printen. Op deze manier is er nog meer keuze om het optimale product te produceren!

  • Nieuw! Montage materiaal

    Published on 11 July 2019

    Een mooi bord of poster op een kwalitatieve manier ophangen aan de muur? Ook daar hebben we nu verschillende opties voor! Sinds kort is het mogelijk om verschillende montage materialen bij ons te bestellen. De materialen zijn zowel bij een product als los te bestellen.

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    5 days ago by Rochelle

    It was my first time using the service of printenbind. And the first time I wanted to bring my work to a printing company. I selected a extra check as a option before printing my work. Their customer service did a good job on checking my work. They c...

  • Low price, but not always good and consistent quality

    6 days ago by Cynthia van der Giessen

    Low price, but also not the best quality. Color is not consistent, even within on print order. But if you know this, you can make a choice base on price vs quality. If I need exact colors and very good printwork, I won't choose Printenbind. But I wan...

  • The response was quick and helpful, assistance on the phone was accurate.

    6 days ago by Natalie Brik

    The response was quick and helpful, assistance on the phone was accurate. I am also satisfied with the price-quality. The only difficulty was getting my report in time, I had to travel to Amsterdam to make it in time.

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