350 grams card paper

Our card paper type is a very sturdy paper type and the most chosen paper type for printing all types of cards. We also use this paper type to print the covers of books. With three different environmental certificates, this paper is also a responsible choice for your prints.

    Characteristics of card paper

    Below you can find an overview of the characteristics of card paper.

    Paper type







    350 grams

    320 um


    silk gloss

    FSC Mix credit, EU Ecolabel, ECF certified

    Technical specifications of our card paper type: MultiCard 2S 350 grams, mc paper (machine coated), print is waterproof, whiteness category 133cie, 100% opacity

    Finishing options for card paper

    Because card is a very sturdy paper type, it can be used for a variety of finishing options. We can add a crease to the paper, which allows you to easily and neatly fold your cards. Adding round corners also gives a very nice result for card paper.

    Using card paper as a cover for books

    For the covers of books that are bound using the adhesive binding method, card is the most chosen option. This paper type gives your book the same appearance as the paperback books you can find in stores. To strengthen the cover you can choose to add a matt lamination layer. Also for our other binding methods, you can choose card paper for the front- and back-cover.

    Want to know more about our finishing options?

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