What is adhesive binding ?

With the option adhesive binding, you choose a book with a sharp appearance. A cover is folded around the book and glued to the side. This makes the front, spine, and back of the book a continuous whole that can be fully printed. This is the most chosen option for books, readers, and dissertations.

Benefits of adhesive binding

Using a continuous cover your adhesive binding book makes it look sharp and carefully finished. This makes it perfect for important books such as essays and dissertations. The strong adhesion between the glue and the pages makes the books sturdy and durable.

Printed spine

One of the main benefits of adhesive binding is that you can choose a printed spine. This means you can have a large continuous image over the entirety of your cover, or that you can print a text on the spine. Important is that if you want the spine printed, you need to upload the cover as a spread. It is important that all parts of the cover, so the front, spine, and back, are all in one spread. If you don't upload your cover as a spread, the spine of the book will remain blank.

Adhesive binding vs. wire-O binding

Adhesive binding makes the look of your book comparable to a paperback. The interior pages of the book are glued to the cover, while for Wire-O the front, interior, and back are held together by a black or silver ring binder. Documents off less than 20 pages can't be bound with the adhesive binding method, but for wire-O there is no minimum page amount. If you want to put your book down flat on the table, wire-O is also the better choice.

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Extra finishing for adhesive binding

We offer a few more options that you can choose from to customize your book to your wishes, such as:

  • Round corners: The right corners of the books can be rounded to the book a more playful look.

  • Matt lamination cover: With a laminated cover your book will look good longer. The layer protects the book against water splashes, moisture, and dirt. It also makes the book feel sturdier.

  • Glossy cover: A standard order of an adhesive binding book includes a glossy cover. This glossy layer protects the book against splashes of water and makes images look extra nice.

  • Randloos printen: Do you have colors, images, or photos that continue to the edge of the page? Then choose the borderless printing option. If you upload the file in the right size you there will then not be any white borders around your prints.

Cover options

The default cover option for these types of books is our 350 grams card paper. This is a smooth, white, and sturdy paper type. Do you want something completely different? Then you can choose between 9 different paper types for your cover. With our paper types Old Dutch, and Linen, the cover of your books has a tangible structure. Do you want a more festive cover? Then we recommend Metallic subtle or Pearl luxury. Our Eco fiber is made from agricultural waste, so this sustainable paper is the most ecologically responsible choice.

Perfect finishing options for

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