Nevertear 270um

Nevertear is a special paper type that is extremely strong. It is made from a specially developed PVC material and is therefore water-resistant, resistant against intensive use, sweat, oil, and other liquids. As the name already implies, it is not possible to tear this paper. The only way to damage it is with a knife or scissors.

    Characteristics of Nevertear paper

    Below you can find an overview of the characteristics of Nevertear paper.

    Paper type




    Nevertear320 um

    yes, but only with a marker

    slightly glossy

    Does not contain chlorine, CFKs, or other halogens

    Technical specifications of our Nevertear paper: Xerox Nevertear premium, bright white polyester, complies with the safety norm EN 71-3 (1995), 99% opacity

    Options for Nevertear

    Nevertear is a paper type that lasts very long and is hard to damage. This makes it very suitable to use for books that have a big chance of getting damaged or dirty. Choose the wire-o binding method to get the most sturdy books. Besides books, Nevertear can also be used for posters, loose pages or cards that need to last long. The paper has a bright white color and is slightly glossy. This makes it suitable for almost any type of print.

    Nevertear as posters

    For posters that need to last very long or will get dirty easily, Nevertear is the perfect paper type. Do you want prints that can hang outside without folding or getting damaged? Choose Nevertear to be sure that your prints will still look good after a rainy day.

    The perfect finishing for Nevertear paper?

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