Ecofibre paper

One of our most ecologically friendly paper type is the ecofibre paper. It has a similar structure and strength as cardboard and is made entirely from agricultural waste. As the paper is not bleached, it is also compostable. The visible and tangible fibers in the paper give the paper a very natural appearance.

    Characteristics of Ecofibre paper

    Below you can find an overview of the characteristics of ecofibre paper.

    Paper type







    295 grams

    439 um



    100% agricultural waste, compostable, woodfree ECF, ISO 14001 certified

    Technical specifications of our Ecofibre paper type: PaperWise 295 grams, natural beige color, 439um thick, 100% opacity, unbleached, compostable

    Finishing options for ecofibre paper

    Ecofibre paper is ecological and has a natural beige color. The sturdiness of the paper makes it very suitable for cards and book covers. If you want to give your book a unique appearance, ecofibre is a perfect choice. We can also add a matt lamination layer to the cover to strengthen the paper even more and to make it resistant to dirt and water spray.

    Ecofibre as a card

    Besides being a good choice for book and magazine covers, ecofibre paper is also very well suited for printing cards or menus. Text is easily readable, but the color of the paper can influence the color of the prints. Because of its sturdiness, large sheets of this paper can also be folded, so a folded A3 to make a big card is a possibility.

    The perfect finishing options for ecofibre paper

    Finishing options

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