70 grams wrapping paper

Looking for an original way to wrap your gifts or orders from your webshop? Then, 70 grams wrapping paper could be a great option for you! It is possible to have your own image or logo printed on the wrapping paper, so you can take your branding to the next level!

Characteristics of 70 grams wrapping paper

Below you can find an overview of our 70 grams wrapping paper.

Paper type







70 grams wrapping paper

70 grams

101 um


light beige


Made from agricultural waste, not bleached, compostable, woodfree ECF, ISO 14001 certified

Characteristics: PaperWise 70 grams. natural brown color, 101um dik, 88% opacity

What are the finishing options for 70 grams wrapping paper?

We offer wrapping paper in two different sizes: A3 (297 x 420 mm) and 310 x 710mm. 


Our 70 grams wrapping paper is made from agricultural waste, making this paper type a very environmentally friendly choice. The fibers in the paper are slightly visible, which adds a nice effect to your prints and emphasizes that this is an ecological paper type. Keep in mind that due to the light beige color of the paper, the color of your prints can differ slightly from the original.


One of the most common uses for our 70 grams wrapping paper is, of course, wrapping paper. We have many commercial clients that use this paper to print wrapping paper with their own logo on it. Additionally, this paper is also suitable to print your own newspaper.