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Glossy paper

Printing on glossy paper gives your prints a professional and luxurious appearance. The paper has a matt gloss and the color is a bit off-white. Images, photos, and colors look very good on this paper type. Therefore this paper is often chosen to print flyers, folders, and photos.

Characteristics of glossy paper

Below you can find an overview of the characteristics of glossy paper

Paper type








170 grams

150 um



matt gloss, smooth

Houtvrij ECF, EU Ecoblabel, FSC Mix, EMAS, ISO 14001 en ISO 50001 certified

Technical specifications for our glossy paper type: DigiGold Gloss 170 grams, machine coated gloss paper, ISO 9706 (resistant against agoing) and ISO 9001 certified, whiteness category 138cie, 98% opacity

The best products for glossy paper

Because glossy paper has a beautiful matt gloss, it has a luxurious appearance. The paper feels soft but also sturdy and can be printed single- or double-sided. As this paper is very suitable for printing color prints, we recommend it for the following products:

  • Photo's

  • Flyers

  • Folders

Finishing options for glossy paper

To give your glossy paper even more shine, you can choose to add a coating layer. However, keep in mind that this will not give a look that is as glossy as high-gloss paper in specialty stores. Our 170 grams glossy paper is also easily folded, and round corners can make your prints look extra special.

The perfect finishing for glossy paper?

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