90 grams Roman paper

As a result of its warm white color, roman paper has a very classical appearance and is very suitable for printing books. This paper type has multiple environmental certifications, making it one of the more sustainable paper choices.

    Characteristics of roman paper

    Below you can find an overview of the characteristics of roman paper.

    Paper type








    90 grams

    102 um


    warm white

    matt, rough

    100% recycled material, FSC, PEFC, EU Ecolabel, EMAS, TCF, ISO 14001 certified

    Technical specifications of our roman paper type: Munken Pure 90 grams creme wit, ISO 9706 (resistant against aging), waterproof print, whiteness category 62cie, 90% opacity

    What type of prints are possible with roman paper?

    Roman paper is a bit less white than many of our other paper types. As a result, the contrast of your prints is less sharp, which is beneficial for the readability. The cream color in combination with a very matt appearance additionally gives prints on this paper a very classical look. Products for which roman paper is often chosen are:

    • Reading books

    • Brochures

    • Folders

    • Flyers

    • Loose pages

    Binding roman paper

    As roman paper is often used to print text documents, binding options are very relevant for this paper type. If you choose our adhesive binding method with roman paper for the interior, you can choose a matching paper type for the cover, such as our Classic paper with a light structure or our beige Ecofibre paper.

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