Did you write a school or study assignment? We can beautifully print and bind it for you. Our services are fast and low-priced. Within two business days you will receive your assignment by home delivery. If you place the order with the option 'urgent', you will receive it in one business day. Submit your document as PDF or Word file.

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  • You can determine the paper type yourself: 80, 90 (warm white), 100 or 160 grams. Do you want to know what every type looks like and feels like? Order a sample book for free.

  • You can order your document in black and white, full color or you can save money and you can specify exactly which pages you want in color and which pages you want in black and white. 

Binding your assignment

  • From 25 pages, you can order an Adhesive binded book. This binding method has a nice continuous cover (see illustration), where you can even print the spine. 

  • You can also use other binding methods, such as Wire-O. Choose a firm or transparent front- and back, so your assignment will last longer.

Fast delivery of your assignment

Because of deadlines you are dealing with, we always deliver within two business days. Do you need your assignment sooner? Order with the option 'urgent' and you will receive it the next day by post or you can pick it up the same day at one of our pick up points in Amsterdam. You can safely pay with iDEAL, PayPal or Creditcard.

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