Printing a card ?
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Print your cards

Do you want your cards to be quickly printed at a low price rate? Print&Bind is the place to go! It doesn't matter if you send in a card with photos or with your own design. We will print your cards in almost every size you want on different kinds of paper. This way you will always receive a personal card for both professional and private purposes.

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Print cards with your own design

  • Determine the paper type yourself: 300 grams Natural card, 350 grams card or Nevertear. Consider our Nevertear paper type to print your cards if you want water and tear proof cards. This way the cards will last longer. Side note: you can write on all our paper types, except for Nevertear.

  • Determine on which size you want your cards to be printed. A6 is the most common, but A5, A4 or a different size are also possible.

  • Let us fold the cards in the middle or choose single sided or double sided cards. Do you want your cards to be folded? Then send us loose pages in the final size (so after the cards is folded). Do you rather want single sided or double sided cards? We have got the option to print a standardized back on the cards (see picture). Ofcourse we can also print your own design on the back of the cards.

Cards with a Patterned Edge

Want to give your card an extra touch? Opt for a patterned edge cut for your card!

Contour-Cut Cards

If you want to have a card cut into a truly unique shape, you can choose to have the cards contour-cut. However, it is necessary to provide your own contour line in the file. You can find out how to do this here.

Envelopes with your cards

Cards naturally come with an envelope! We have a matching envelope for every card. Choose between 24 colors and 4 different sizes: A6, A5, square (135x135mm) and Din Large (210x99mm). Do you want to go festive then opt for metallic or do you want a somewhat simpler look, then choose one of the pastel colors, it's all possible! The closure of the envelopes is gummed, this means that the paper does not stick when its dry. Only after wetting the card, it can be sealed. The 120 grams papertype ensures the high quality of the envelopes. You can also order the envelopes separately.

Print cards for a low price

Because of online printing we can print cards at low price rates. This means that you submit your files online as a PDF or any other type of file. By passing along your wishing online we now directly how the cards should be printed, we can quickly start the production of your cards. Do you want your image to run to the edges of your document? Then choose for the option 'borderless printing'.

Fast delivery of your cards

Within two business days, your cards will be delivered by mail. Do you need the cards sooner? Order with 'urgent'. You will receive the cards the next day by post or you can pick them up the same day after 18.00h at one of our pick-up points in Amsterdam. You can also pick the cards up at our shop in Amsterdam West after 16.00h.