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Print Christmas cards including envelope

Christmas is coming! Print your Christmas cards quick and low priced at Printenbind.nl. We print your own design on our high quality paper types. At our printshop you can print Christmas cards with your own photo or Christmas cards with a logo. We can optionally print the back ready made for sending, so that you can easily sent the postcard by post. We can now also supply envelopes in 23 colors and 4 sizes with the cards! These cards can of course also be ordered as New Year cards.

Already prepared your document? Order your kerstkaart directly.

Design your own Christmas cards

With our new online designtool you can create a design for your Christmas card on our website. With this you can place your own photo or logo on the Christmas card.

How does this work?

  • At the heading 'Document' you can choose 'design online'
  • You can design a landscape or portrait card online
  • You can add background, text and images yourself via the tabs on the left
  • Save your document and have your Christmas card printed with us!
Order a Christmas card with photo or print New Year's cards
Christmas card with logo at printshop online

Paper types for your Christmas card

At Printenbind.nl you have a wide choice of quality paper on which you can have your design printed as a Christmas card! Do you choose the standard card paper (350 grams) or one of the more special types of paper for the real Christmas look?

The types of paper that we offer for cards are:

  • 350 grams card paper
  • Classic paper (270 grams warm white)
  • Old Dutch paper (300 grams warm white)
  • Paper with linen pressing (250 grams white)
  • Subtle metallic paper (300 grams warm white)
  • Pearl luxury paper (300 grams white)
  • Eco fiber paper (295 grams paperwise)
  • Kraft paper (285 grams brown)

Do you want to know more about these types of paper? Then click here.

Not sure what you want? You can order a paper sample book free of charge. This booklet will be sent to your address as soon as possible upon request.

Submitting Christmas card files

We can keep printing Christmas cards at low price rates because online printing. The files can be supplied as a PDF, but also as a jpg or png. Our website will convert the files to a PDF file. In our online order module you can enter all your desired specifications, so that we can quickly start production after the order. Does the image extend to the edge of the document? Then choose the borderless printing option, so that the cards are printed without a white border. You can also choose a middle fold on the long side or on the short side of your cards. We also offer the option 'round corners', the 4 corners of the card will then be rounded.

Envelopes with your cards

Cards naturally come with an envelope! We have a matching envelope for every card. Choose between 22 colors and 4 different sizes: A6, A5, square (135x135mm) and Din Large (210x99mm). Do you want to go festive then opt for metallic or do you want a somewhat simpler look, then choose one of the pastel colors, it's all possible! The closure of the envelopes is gummed, this means that the paper does not stick when its dry. Only after wetting the card, it can be sealed. The 120 grams papertype ensures the high quality of the envelopes. You can also order the envelopes separately.

Basic color envelopes: kraft, biotop, black, ivory and gray
Pastel shades for your envelopes: baby blue, baby pink, light green, apricot and gems
Bright colored envelopes: red, blue, green, yellow and orange
Metallic colored envelopes with a bit of glitter: gold, silver, black and white
Dark envelopes in different colors: dark red, dark blue and dark green

Fast delivery of your cards

Within two business days, your cards will be delivered by mail. Do you need the cards sooner? Order with 'urgent'. You will receive the cards the next day by post or you can pick them up the same day after 18.00h at one of our pick-up points in Amsterdam. You can also pick the cards up at our shop in Amsterdam West after 16.00h.

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