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How do you ensure that your customers return to your store or company? Give them a loyalty card! By letting your customers collect stamps for a free product or offer, you make your customers even more enthusiastic about your company. Stamp cards are also very suitable for events! Sports event? Have the number of laps stamped, for example! The stamp card can be used for multiple purposes and is always practical! You can order stamp cards cheaply and easily online!

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Print stamp cards

You can design stamp cards yourself and easily upload them online:

  • Print the stamp cards in a small size, such as A7 or business card size (85x55 mm), so that it fits well in the wallet of your customers. You can also have your stamp cards printed in your own chosen size.

  • Choose the type of paper that matches the look of your company. All paper types are suitable for stamp cards, except for Nevertear. This type of paper cannot be described or stamped. Do you not want the stamps to press trough the paper? Then choose a paper thickness of at least 160 grams.

  • Order your stamp cards printed on both sides or on one side. Tip: have the front of the stamp card coated for a luxurious look. You can still stamp the back, because it remains uncoated.

Order folded stamp cards

If you choose a folded stamp card, you have more space and the ink from the stamps will not stain. Very practical if you hand over your stamp card to your customers. Submit the design of your stamp card as separate pages (not as spreads), so that the fold is always in the center of the stamp card.

High quality stamp cards at low price rates

A stamp card is a customer card with which you want to make a professional impression. Because we print online, we can print high quality stamp cards at a low price rate. Deliver your own design stamp card in high resolution for the best results.

Super fast delivery of stamp cards

Your stamp cards will be delivered within two working days. Order urgently and you can receive your cards within 24 hours. That way you can attract new customers even faster! Can't wait to receive your stamp cards? Then come and pick them up at our location or pick up at one of our pick-up points in Amsterdam! If the stamp cards are ordered urgently, they can be collected the same day!

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