How to embed your fonts in Word?

To make sure the quality of your text is maintained during printing and when you use your own designed fonts, you should always embed your font(s). Maybe you have never heard of this term embedding before. It means that you include your font in the digital file you save. When we print the document, our system knows which font you used. Below you can read how to embed the fonts of your Word document when you convert your file to PDF.

Easily embed fonts in Word and save your file as a PDF

When you convert your Word file to a PDF, it is important that you maintain the quality of your document. To make sure your file will always look the same regardless of the computer, including font and layout, it is necessary to convert Word files to PDF. First of all, you need to include the fonts before converting the file to PDF. To do this, go to the Office button.

Select 'options for Word'.

Go to 'save' and under the option 'preserve fidelity when sharing this document' you click on 'embed fonts in the file'.