A frame around your document

We understand that many people like to design a framework around their document. However, this is often not a very good choice for documents that need to be printed. With frames, there is a high chance that the edges do not become fully proportional and that the prints will look sloppy. Here we explain why and what you can do about it.

Minimalize the shifting of your design

Orders requested for "borderless printing" are printed on larger paper and then trimmed back to the correct size. We trim a maximum of 1mm from your design. We pay careful attention to the production and clean trimming of the order. However, achieving millimeter-precise cuts is not feasible for us. This is due to the minimal size variation present in our paper, as well as the inherent tolerance in accuracy within the finishing machines. This combination can lead to a disruptive outcome, for which we do not initially offer a reprint, unless the deviation exceeds 2mm.

What can you do about this?

If our preview detection identifies a border around the document, it will issue a warning for a too-thin border. This implies that a discrepancy might occur, and the border may not remain consistent in the final product. To achieve the best result, we recommend not providing borders smaller than 4 millimeters. The narrower the border, the more noticeable any shifts become. Providing borders is always at your own risk.

The submission of a design with frames always remains at your own risk.