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Do you want to make sure your advertisement stands out? Abri posters are large posters sized 1185x1750 mm, making them suitable for advertisement at bus stops or train stations. We can print your abri posters on multiple high-quality paper types or panel materials. You can find more information on this below!

We deliver your abri posters within only two business days, or one business day when you place an urgent order. Because of our efficient productionprocesses and professional machinery we can print your abri posters very fast.

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Choose the material for your abri poster

You can choose between the following options:

  • 190 grams satin poster paper. This paper is very suitable for posters, as it has a slight shine but is definitely not glossy. While this paper is not suitable for outdoor use, it can be placed behind glass/plastic for use at a bus or tramstop.

  • Display cardboard 2 mm. This recyclable cardboard with a thickness of 2 mm is also only suitable for indoor use, as it is not water-resistant. An advantage of this material is that it is very easy to write on.

  • Foamplate 5 mm. This material can be printed two-sided as well, and is a great option for when you have photos on your poster as the layer on this material makes pictures look very sharp.

Cheap printing of your abri posters

At Print&Bind we can print your abri posters at a low price. The choice of material and the quanitity you order influences the final price, which you can easily check in the online order form. All abri posters are printed in full-color and without borders to get the best results. We advise you to upload your file in PDF-format and to check that the resolution is at least 300 dpi.

Quick delivery of your abri posters

Delivery of abri posters is always fast at Print&Bind: a standard order will be delivered to you within only two business days! Do you need your abri posters even faster? That's also possible with our urgent order option. If you place an urgent order before 13.00h you can pick it up the same day in Amsterdam or have it delivered to you the next business day! All delivery options can be found here.

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