Order stainless steel spacer online

Do you want to hang panels or photo displays in an elegant way? Order a stainless steel spacer low-priced online. With these stainless steel spacers you can securely install different panel materials to the wall, inside and outside! This way your photos or other images will look even more beautiful.

Order your stainless steel spacers directly with your panels and photos or order separate stainless steel spacers. We always deliver within two business days and with the urgent option even within one business day.

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Stainless steel spacer for indoor and outdoor use

Our stainless steel spacers are of /good quality:

  • Stainless steel spacers are made of firm stainless steel, making them suitable for hanging panels indoors and outdoors.

  • The distance that the stainless steel spacers create to the wall is 15 mm.

  • We supply stainless steel spacers in sets of 4 pieces, including screws and plugs (so when you order a quantity of 1, you will get 1 bag of 4 spacers).

  • The stainless steel spacers are suitable for a panel thickness of 2-11 mm. Keep this in mind if you also order panels. The thickness of the panel materials is indicated in the order form.

  • Do you order direct printed panel? Then we make drill holes (25 mm from the edge). If you prefer not to have drill holes, order plates and/or stainless steel spacers separately by adding them separately to your shopping cart.

Printed panels with stainless steel spacers

With our luxury stainless steel spacers you can easily hang your panels or photo displays. Your most special photos or images on the wall in no time! Therefore, order your printed panels together with the stainless steel spacers. You can do this easily via this order form.

Stainless steel spacer always delivered fast

Order your stainless steel spacers today and get them delivered to your home within two business days. Do you need them even faster? Then order them urgently and pick them up in Amsterdam today or have them delivered to your home the next business day (order before 1 p.m.). This way you always have your stainless steel spacers at home very fast!

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