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You can order name badges low-priced and quickly online at Print&Bind! The solid transparent plastic ensures that your name cards stay in place. Then attach your name badges with the pin or clip. Also order printed name cards including name badges. Delivery of name badges is within two business days by default. And do you order urgently? Then we deliver within one business day.

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Order namebadges cheaply and fast online

  • Name badges are made of solid transparent plastic.

  • You can easily attach the name badges with either a clip or a pin.

  • The size of the printed name cards that fit in the name badges is 55x85mm. Read on for more information about this.

  • We supply name badges in protective foil.

Print namecards including namebadges

The name badges are suitable for name cards of 55x85mm. Order it directly via this order form. Easily upload all designs from your namecards as PDF. Ordering separate name badges is also possible. In that case, click on the pink order button on this page. Please note, we do not place the printed name tags in the name badges.

Namebadges delivered within 24/48h

We can deliver name badges very quickly: within one (urgent) or two (standard) business days. Choose where and when we deliver your name badges or where you want to pick them up. If you order urgently before 1 p.m., you can pick up the name badges in Amsterdam the same day from 4 p.m. (also including printing name cards). So quickly order your name badges and name cards for all your events online!

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