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Hanging posters on the wall is super easy with wooden poster strips! With these poster hangers made of wood, you can hang your posters in a cool and playful way. The poster hangers are made of light-colored wood and are easy to assemble due to the magnets in the strips. Order wooden poster strips low-priced and quickly online!

Delivery of wooden poster hangers will take place within two business days (standard) or within one working day (urgent). Choose where and when we deliver your wooden poster strips and whether you want to order printed posters directly as well.

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Order wooden posterhangers low-priced

  • The wooden poster strips are available for various poster sizes: A2, A1 and A0.

  • You can easily attach the wooden slats to each with the magnets in the wood.

  • Note that the poster hangers are 20 mm high, so that a small part of the top and bottom of your poster will not be visible due to the posterhanger.

  • A natural colored cord is attached to the top poster hanger, so you can easily hang the poster from one point.

Print posters including wooden posterhanger

By using wooden poster strips to hang your posters, you can vary endlessly with different poster designs. So order your printed posters directly, including poster hangers made of wood.

Fast delivery of wooden posterhangers

Want to hang up your posters cheaply and quickly? You will receive your wooden poster hangers within two business days. Do you need the wooden poster strips even faster? Order urgently and they will be delivered within one business day. Or pick them up in Amsterdam the same day (ordered before 1 p.m.).

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