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Do you want to hang your posters quick and easy? Put up your posters flat against the wall with plastic poster strips. By placing the poster strip above and below, the poster will hang nice and straight. The poster strips are made of transparent plastic, so they hardly stand out! So order your plastic poster strips quickly and have them delivered within one (urgent) or two (standard) business days.

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  • Because the poster strips are transparent, they are hardly noticeable.

  • You can slide the poster strips on the top and bottom of the poster, so that the poster will hang straight on the wall. At the top there are one or two 'eyes', depending on the size, which makes it easy to hang the poster.

  • With a push pin or a small nail you can easily put the poster on the wall.

Print posters with plastic posterstrips

Do you already have the design for your poster? Print your posters and order your plastic poster strips directly. With this you can easily and quickly hang your own design posters! And very useful: the poster strips are reusable. So order multiple posters and change the posters on your wall from time to time.

Fast delvery of plastic posterstrips

Like all our other products, we also supply plastic poster strip within two business days by default. Did you order poster strips urgently today before 1 p.m.? Then you can pick up your poster strip (and posters) in Amsterdam today from 4 p.m.. Choose how and when your poster strips are delivered. Your posters and poster strips delivered at lightning speed!

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