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At Print&Bind we can also provide you with posters of over a meter in size! You can order your A0 poster, sized 84,1x118,9 cm quickly and cheaply online. At this size, you can fit lots of information and can be sure to stand out!

Decide yourself what type of material you want your A0 poster to be printed on: a sturdy panel material or our poster paper. Like our other products, a standard poster order will be delivered to you within two business days. Placing an urgent order will even reduce this to only one business day!

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A0 posters printed in high-quality

At Print&Bind we will print your A0 posters in high quality. Our high-quality materials and paper types will ensure a great appearance for your A0 posters!

  • We have two paper types you can choose from for A0 posters: 190 grams satin paper, which has a light shine but is not glossy, and 160µm polyester paper which is suitable for outdoor use.

  • We also have two panel materials that are suitable for the production of A0 posters: display cardboard 2mm, which is made of recyclable carton and is not water-resistant, or foamplate 5mm.

Quick delivery of your A0 posters

Your A0 posters can be delivered to you at home, or at a PostNL pick-up point near you, in only two business days. We use sturdy tubes for the delivery of your posters, to ensure your posters will be delivered to you undamaged. Need your A0 posters sooner? Then place an urgent order before 13.00h and we will deliver your posters within 24 hours, or you can pick it up in Amsterdam the same day!

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