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Do you think printing large posters has to be expensive? Well, at Print&Bind you can order your B1 posters cheaply and quickly! B1 posters have a size of 707x1000 mm, and we can print yours and a variety of materials and paper types. By choosing the specifications for your prints in the order form, you can find the option that fits your budget!

Our standard delivery of B1 posters is within two business days. You can also choose to pick them up at our location in Amsterdam, or at one of the pick-up points in Amsterdam. Do you need your B1 posters within 24 hours? Place an urgent order before 13.00h and your posters will be ready for pick-up the same day, or delivered to you the next business day!

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Print your B1 posters cheaply in high-quality

Our professional posterprinters print your B1 posters in high quality. For printing your B1 posters you can choose between different materials and paper types:

  • Paper: 190 grams satin paper with a slight shine (not glossy), or 160µm water-resistant polyester.

  • Panel materials: foamplate with a thickness of 5mm or display cardboard that is 2 mm thick.

Tip: upload the file for your B1 poster as a PDF and make sure the resolution is at least 300 dpi!

Quick delivery of your B1 posters

To make sure your B1 posters are delivered to you undamaged, they are rolled up and packaged in a sturdy tube. Our standard delivery time is two business days, but if you need them sooner you can receive them the next business day by placing an urgent order. We have multiple delivery options, for which you can calculate the delivery times here!

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