Professional machinery

At Printenbind, we work with several professional machines. Both our printers and other finishing equipment deliver very high quality. All machines are regularly maintained so that they always operate optimally.

At Printenbind, we have a total of 5 professional printers. All our printers guarantee quality and reliability. The resolution is 1200 x 4800 DPI, making images super sharp. A wide color range accurately prints the correct color of your document. Full printed pages are printed more evenly than they would on older printing models. 

Ricoh™ is not only our supplier, but also maintains our printers and minimizes downtime. We can therefore deliver a constant output of the same quality. We also calibrate the printers every day with special measuring instruments. 

Ricoh Pro™C9110

We also work with two Ricoh Pro™C9110 printers. These printers can produce up to 130 color pages per minute and they deliver exceptionally high print quality. In addition to printing, these two machines can also finish documents. For example, prints can be punched directly for maximum productivity. Moreover, this printer prints very durable. 

Ricoh Pro-C9110 printer

Ricoh Pro™C7110sx

We work with 3 Ricoh Pro™C7110sx printers. These printers can produce up to 90 color pages per minute. The resolution of these prints are 1200 x 4800 DPI, which ensures great print quality. 

Ricoh Pro-C7110sx printer


Our two bookletmakers can fold and staple magazines very quick and easy. Both small and large numbers are no problem to us. 



The Canon™iPF8400S poster printer is an excellent poster printer. Thanks to this printer, we are able to print high quality posters in different formats. 

Canon™iPF8400S poster printer

Adhesive binding with the Perfect Binder

By working with up to two adhesive machines, it is possible to produce books with a neat appearance easily and quickly.  The books have a continuous cover and are very user-friendly due to the strength of the glue that is used. 

Horizon™Perfect Binder BQ-270

Wire-O binding machine

The Renz Wire-O binding machine significantly increases the production of wire-o booklets. This means that even very large numbers of orders can be produced with ease. Wire-O is great for readers, theses and manuals. 

Renz™MOBI 360

Cutting and creasing

The Duplo machine can be used for multiple finishes. For example, bussines cards can be cut in a fast production time and flyers can get a crease line very fast. 


Cutting machine

Our cutting machines ensure tight and smooth cutting edges in the desired format. 




  • De website nu twee keer sneller

    Published on 26 April 2018

    Voor ons is het belangrijk om het bestelproces voor onze klanten zo goed mogelijk te laten verlopen. Om altijd te blijven verbeteren hebben wij nieuwe aanpassingen aan de website doorgevoerd. De website is daardoor 2x zo snel geworden! Hierdoor gaat het plaatsen van een bestelling nog gemakkelijker!

  • 7 nieuwe papiersoorten

    Published on 08 April 2018

    Wat zijn ze mooi! Wij vinden de nieuwe papiersoorten stuk voor stuk prachtig en ze geven bijzonder veel waarde aan je document.

  • Zoeken in je bestanden

    Published on 30 March 2018

    Ons bestelsysteem is weer een stukje sneller en fijner gemaakt met een "zoekfunctie" voor je bestanden. Als je vaak een bestelling plaatst word je documentenlijst aardig lang, maar met de filter komt je gewenste document nu razendsnel naar voren!

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  • Highly recommended!

    Published on 07 April 2018 by Noud

    Very good service! Were extremely helpful with printing my graduation thesis. When the postorder company lost my package, they offered to print several extra copies.

  • More then I ever expected.

    Published on 05 April 2018 by Floris koek

    Great Service, a good price and delivers what it promises; absolutely recommended!

  • Excellent customer service.

    Published on 19 March 2018 by Anoniem

    Excellent customer service. I used the service for the hardcopy versions of my master thesis. We emailed back and forth about some tables that did not fit on the page and I could sent multiple new files. The customer service assessed e...

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