Professional machinery

At Printenbind we work with several professional machines. Both our printers and other finishing equipment deliver very high quality. To always guarantee optimal functioning of our machines they are regularly maintained.

We have a total of 4 professional printers at Printenbind. All our printers guarantee quality and reliability. The resolution is 1200x4800 dpi, visualising every detail of your design. A wide color range accurately prints the correct color of your document. Full printed pages are printed more evenly than they would on older printing models.

Ricoh™ is not only our supplier, but also maintains our printers and minimizes downtime. We can therefore deliver a constant output of the same quality. We also calibrate the printers every day with advanced measuring instruments. 

Canon varioPRINT iX3200

We have two Canon varioPRINT iX3200 printers. These printers have a productivity of over 9000 SRA3 images per hour or; 320 A4 pages per minute. The inkjet printers can print on 90 - 350 grams paper. Thus, we can print a variaty of simple prints but also high quality magazines, brochures and books.

Ricoh Pro™ C7210

We work with two Ricoh Pro™C7210 printers. These printeres are used for special or divergent papertypes like stickers or Nevertear. These printers can print up to 85 pages per minute with a quality of 2400 x 4800 dpi (maximum laserresolution).


Our two bookletmakers can fold and staple magazines very fast and easy. Both small and large numbers of magazines are easily produced. Because we have access to two bookletmakers, there is always a backup and the delivery times are not compromised.


The Canon™iPF8400S poster printers are excellent poster printers. Thanks to four of these printers, we are able to print high quality posters in different formats. 

Adhesive binding with the Perfect Binder

By working with up to two adhesive machines, it is possible to easily and quickly produce books with a high-quality appearance. The books have a cover that continuously covers that the front, side and back and are very user-friendly due to the strength of the glue that is used. 

Wire-O binding machine

The Renz Wire-O binding machine significantly increases the production of wire-o booklets. This means that even very large numbers of orders can be produced with ease. Wire-O is great for readers, theses and manuals. 

Cutting and creasing

The Duplo machine can be used for multiple finishing options. For example, bussines cards can be cut in a fast production time and flyers can get crease line very fast. 

Cutting machine

Our 5 cutting machines ensure tight and smooth cutting edges in the desired size.

Round corner machine

Thanks to this round corner machine we can tightly and carefully apply round corners to your products.

Folding and creasing

Our fold and creasing machine can garantuee a perfect fold in your cards. By first creasing the cards, the fold will not break and you will have the perfect card!

Duplo iSaddle Pro

With our Duplo iSaddle contruction, we can rapidly produce a high number of magazines. The Duplo iSaddle Pro is constructed out of multiple Duplo machines and has combined a speed of up to 600 pages per minute. This way, you will have your magazines in no time!

JWei Cutter

For the production of stickers and contour cut cards, we use our 5 JWei cutters. The contour cut shapes can be cut from an A3 to a 10 x 25 mm size.