What are the possibilities for printing stickers?

To make your stickers completely according to your wishes, you can make decisions about the size of your stickers, the material on which your stickers are printed and how we finish your stickers.


Stickers can be ordered in all sizes between the minimum size of 10x25 mm and the maximum size of 1000x2000 mm. It is also possible to order round stickers, then the minimum diameter is 25 mm and the maximum diameter is 1500 mm. The best size for your sticker depends on the purpose of the sticker and what information needs to be on it.


There is a choice of different sticker materials:

  • Polyester stickers: these stickers have a very strong adhesive and are suitable for outdoor use.

  • Paper stickers: These stickers are made of matte paper, which feels like standard office paper. This material is suitable for beer/wine bottle labels, for example.

  • Kraft stickers: This material from Paperwise is made partly from agricultural waste, making it the most environmentally friendly choice. These stickers have a beige colour.

  • Floor stickers: these wear-resistant and anti-slip stickers are suitable for smooth indoor floors. When they are no longer needed, they can be removed.

Do you want to see the different materials in real life before you order stickers? Then order our paper sample book!


In addition to round, square and rectangular stickers, it is also possible to have stickers cut out in all kinds of other shapes. However, this requires knowledge of a graphics program, because it is necessary to provide a document with contour lines. In addition, you can choose between multiple stickers on a sheet, or individually cut stickers. The latter option is useful if the stickers are for handing out. The last finishing option we offer is a glossy coating layer placed over the stickers.