What size is A1?

The A1 size is the second size in the A-series and has a width of 59,4 cm and a height of 84,1 cm. A beautiful poster for indoor or outdoor use is often printed on A1.

A1 size in millimeters, centimeters en inches

Below you can find an overview of the A1 size in three different units of measurement.

Paper size


A1 paper

594 x 84059,4 x 84 cm23,4 x 33,1 inch

A1 size in pixels

Below you can find an overview of the A1 size in pixels for three different resolutions. The resolution is expressed in ppi: pixels per inch.


300 ppi100 ppi72 ppi

A1 paper

9933 x 7016 pixels3311 x 2339 pixels2384 x 1684 pixels

A1 compared to other sizes

The A1 size is exactly half the size of an A0, and double the size of an A2. All paper sizes in the A-series have a length-width ratio of √2:1 hebben.

Uses for A1 size prints

A1 is a popular size for printing posters and producing panels with a print. These prints are used for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Paper types for A1 size

A1 can also be printed on different paper types. At this size we offer four options: thin and writable (80 grams standard), firm and glossy (190 grams satin) or sturdy and matt (180 grams poster paper), or untearable polyester.

Panel materials for A1

An A1 panel can be ordered on various materials, starting at 2 mm cardboard up to 16 mm re-board. For outdoor use, forex or dibond are the best options as these are water-resistant.

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