Continuous yarn-free cover

The attractiveness of a book depends heavily on the design of the cover since it's the first thing you see. When you decide to choose for a yarn-free binding method, you can submit loose pages to print the cover.

With this option, the bookback remains unprinted and will therefore be white. If you do not want een white bookback but want de cover to be fully printed, you can also submit a spread document. This spread document of the outside of your cover will contain the frontcover (right), spine (middle), and backcover (left). If you also want the cover to be printed on the inside, that's possible. In this case, the inside of the frontcover should be placed on the left side. The inside of the backcover should be placed on the right side so when you flip the cover around, everything is in the right order. The inside of the spine will of course stay blank.


The width of the spread must be twice the width of the page + width of the bookspine. The width of the print is shown in the delivery conditions when uploading your file. The thickness is calculated by multiplying the number of pages and the thickness of the paper and can be found under delivery conditions under Size - Cover. There you can also find all the information you need to place your order. 

Is it not possible for you to make the cover or do you not want to spend to much time designing the cover? We have created templates of covers in A4 and A5 format. These templates are available for a bookspine of 5 to 15 mm. The covers can be downloaded in Word, Pages and InDesign format. You will reach the templates via this link.