Do you want the spine of your Adhesive binding book to be printed, but do you have trouble with designing the continuous cover? We have the solution! In the tables below, you can find templates for a printed spine so that you only have to add your design (please pay attention to the difference between the inside and the outside of the book).

Adhesive binding (with printed bookspine)

Would you like to create beautiful designs easily and for free? Use Canva to create a document, a program in which you can choose from more than a thousand layouts!

You can create an account on Canva and start designing your documents. Canva already offers designed lay-outs that you can customize online. You can adjust the layout, add / modify elements, change text and upload images yourself.

You can also create custom sizes. Pay attention to the units when you do this, it is calculated in pixels (px), millimeters (mm) and inch (in). We count in millimeters on our website and in within our company.

Have you made a design on Canva? Then you can share the file via mail and social media. You can also download the file in .jpg / .png / .pdf (standard and print). If you want to print the document with us, you can choose PDF Print (300 dpi). You can choose to add crop marks and bleed if you want to print a document borderless.

Portrait (vertical) Landscape (horizontal)


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  • Ordered postcards that were made…

    8 days ago by Aldora Kwee

    Ordered postcards that were made quickly and beautifully. Thank you and we will be doing business again in the future.

  • Excellent, thorough and quick service

    24 days ago by RYLIE MILTENBERGER

    I printed a large order of books and I am VERY pleased with the whole process. The customer service was prompt and helpful with my questions, I was contacted before printing began when the printer had a concern about the resolution on a few of the pa...

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    Published on 11 June 2019 by Johnny Pouk

    Very nice service, printing to shipping!

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