Response codes


This API will return valid HTTP response codes based on the result of your request.
Each response that contained an error will have a matching human-readable error message.
For example : 401 (UNAUTHORIZED): No token was specified in the request.

The response codes that this API use and the meaning of them are described in the following table:

Response code Description
200 (OK) The response was succesfully completed.
201 (CREATED) The requested resource was succesfully created.
204 (NO CONTENT) The response was succesfully completed, but returned no data.
304 (NOT MODIFIED) No action was taken to fullfill the request.
400 (BAD REQUEST) The payload sent in the request didn't contain sufficient/correct data for the server to complete the request.
401 (UNAUTHORIZED) The Authorization header was missing, or did not have access to the requested resource.
404 (NOT FOUND) The request to the specified URL did not exist.
409 (CONFLICT) The payload sent along with the request has failed to upload.
413 (PAYLOAD TOO LARGE) The payload sent along with the request was too large.
429 (TOO MANY REQUESTS) You have made too many requests on the API. Wait a bit and retry.