Printing on Plexiglass

Plexiglass is a crystal clear acrylic sheet that is very suitable for prints with many images. The design is mirrored and then printed on the back of the sheet. A white layer is placed behind the print so that it does not shine through. The material has a thickness of 3 mm and can't be folded or creased.

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Plexiglass options

  • Order in one of the standard sizes such as A2, A1 of A0

  • Or choose your own custom size

  • You can choose between one-sided or two-sided printing

  • Do you want to set the panel down? Then add a cardboard easel to your order.

Cardboard easel

Do you want to be able to set down the panel? We offer cardboard easels for the standard sizes. The creases make it easy to put the easel together. Because of the adhesive strip on it, the panel can be easily attached to the easel. If you add an easel to your panel order, the right size is automatically selected.

Quick delivery

Our standard delivery time is two business days. Do you need your plexiglass panels sooner? Then place an urgent order before 13.00h, and you will receive it the next business day! Or you can even pick it up the same day at our location or one of our pick-up points in Amsterdam.

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