Digital printing

Digital printing is the solution for many people. It is low-priced, quick and very easy! No more empty cartridges, jammed printers or running out of printingpaper. Your documents will always be printed on time from now on. 

You can upload your files on our website in the order form and before you even know it, your prints are delivered at home of ready to be picked up. 


Handig om te weten

Because of online printing, we are able to keep costs low and that's why we can offer you the lowest price, regardless of the number of copies! We are specialized in online printing, which also makes shipping rates extremely low and even free if you pick up your order at one of our pick-up locations in Amsterdam!

No quatation needed, prices are available online. You can print and finish your documents completely online, no help needed, it's that simple! Experience the convenience of online printing and order your prints now! 


  • Betalingskorting bij iDEAL aangepast

    Published on 12 September 2018

    De betalingskorting bij iDEAL betalingen is iets verlaagd, van 3% naar 2%.

  • Paperwise ecologisch papier

    Published on 18 August 2018

    Ons 80 grams papier (A4 formaat) hebben wij gewijzigd naar een nieuwe soort. Deze papiersoort is net als ons oude papier 80 grams, maar is gemaakt van landbouwafval. Door het gebruiken van landbouwafval is de papiersoort zeer ecologisch wat resulteert in een minder grote impact op het milieu op de lange termijn.

  • Nieuwe leverwijze "zeker"

    Published on 05 June 2018

    Sinds kort hebben wij een extra leverwijze geïntroduceerd. Deze leverwijze zorgt ervoor dat er nog meer zekerheid is dat uw bestelling op tijd geleverd wordt.

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  • Good copyshop.

    Published on 07 August 2018 by magda

    Good copyshop. I will definitely try again.

  • Highly recommended!

    Published on 07 April 2018 by Noud

    Very good service! Were extremely helpful with printing my graduation thesis. When the postorder company lost my package, they offered to print several extra copies.

  • More then I ever expected.

    Published on 05 April 2018 by Floris koek

    Great Service, a good price and delivers what it promises; absolutely recommended!

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