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Number of copies of your document

Round 90mm

Round stickers of 90mm (diameter). The stickers can be printed up to the edge, but avoid frames / borders on the outside of the sticker, with a small shift of the image position this immediately has a disturbing effect.

Rectangle (width x height in mm)

You can specify the desired size (in mm), from small to large. Enter the final size which remains after cropping, without bleed.

Round (diameter)

You can specify the diameter, from small to large. Enter the final size which remains after cropping, without bleed.

Polyester sticker (off-white)

Stickers are printed on white polyester (glossy) and are suitable for outdoor use. The stickers stick to the surface directly and are difficult to remove, glue will remain after removal. We do not recommend to use this standard sticker material for long term use or for use on objects that will be exposed to rough conditions.

Verbeterd (11-09-2020)
De kleefkracht van de polyester sticker is nu sterker en kun je zien als permanent klevend.

Vinyl sticker (white)

Stickers will be printed on sticker material of white paper. The surface is matt and rough, comparable with office paper. Is widely use as labesl for wine / beer bottles. The material is not water-resistant.

Sticker kraft (beige)

Stickers are printed on sticker material from Paperwise organic kraft paper, which are (partly) made from agricultural waste. Moreover, the glue is fully compostable, so this sticker is very friendly to the environment. The color is beige and gives a natural look. The surface is mat and rough and not water resistant.

Cut out on a sheet

The stickers will be incised and delivered on a sheet (there are multiple stickers on 1 sheet).

Cut out on a sheet

The stickers will be cut out per piece and have a peeling edge so you can easily remove the sticker for the back sheet.

Improved (27-08-2020)
Previously, the dimensions of the peeling edges were mutually different. All stickers are now cut in the same size and have the same peeling edge, so you can make nice even stacks of your stickers.

Contour cut out

Je document wordt op de contourlijnen gesneden. Let op, dit is een "expert" optie: het is vrij complex dit goed aan te leveren in je bestand. Lever je document aan met een aparte laag voor de contourlijnen. Kijk hier voor de aanwijzingen.

The contour lines are visible as a blue line in the preview. If the contour lines have not been delivered correctly, a message will appear. Don't see an error? Then you did well!

Complex figures (many sharp corners/very small forms) are difficult to produce and therefore this is not possible.

Coating front

The front will be coated. The coating is a transparent top layer that provides extra shine and protection. You should not see this as a lamination layer, because the coating is formed by transparent toner that seals the paper and the print.

Standard document check

Basic check of the document when starting the production. We will always make sure your document is usable after printing.


  • Document scaled properly
  • Proper bleed
  • Pages rotated

Extended document check

With this option we check your document early in the process. We advice to check this option when you order a large quantity, presentation material or complicated documents.


  • Document scaled properly
  • Proper bleed
  • Resolutions of the images
  • Margins (text at safe distance from the edge)
  • Finishing
  • Pages rotated

Pick-up in Amsterdam (at Print&Bind or pick-up point)

You can pick up the order from 16:00h (or 10:00h urgently) at Print&Bind in Amsterdam Sloterdijk, our location is easily accessible by car (A10) or public transport (metro stop Isolatorweg).

TIJDELIJK: Vanwege de enorme drukte is het tijdstip voor afhalen in de middag aangepast naar 18:00.

We keep your order for a maximum of 2 weeks.

Opening hours:

Monday till Thursday 08:00 - 21:30
Friday 08:00 - 18:00
Saturday till Sunday 09:00 - 18:00

In addition, pick up at one of the pickup points in Amsterdam is possible from 6 p.m.

Your order will be held for a maximum of one week at the location, so do not wait to long to pick up your package.

Send by post

Order will be delivered by letterbox or parcel post (depending on the size). There are various possibilities like:
- Pick up at PostNL location 16:00h
- Pick up at PostNL location 8:30h
- Evening delivery
- Morning delivery 10.00h
- Sunday delivery
- International
Read more about it on the page delivery methods

Manufacturing costs urgent

With urgency your order will be processed the same day (if your order before 1 pm). With budget you will get a discount but the production will take longer (4 days).

Price and delivery date are calculated automatically

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