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Are you a cartoonist or would you just like to print a comic book? Bring your favorite superheroes to life in a printed comic book! You can print your own design comic books quickly and low-priced at the online printshop Print&Bind. Strong binding method for comic books. Have the cover of your comic book coated with a protective glossy layer.

Fast delivery of comic books within one (urgent) or two (standard) business days!

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Print comic book in high quality

We print your comic books in high quality:

  • Both text and images are printed very sharp. So all your drawings and text balloons will look amazing in your printed comic book.

  • Often there are frames in comic books. When submitting your own design comic book, make sure that frames and important text and images are at least 5 mm from the edge. That way we can cut the frames as evenly as possible and no images or texts fall off the page.

Binding a comic book as a magazine

  • Determine the paper type for your comic books yourself: 80, 100 or 160 grams. Does your comic book contain a lot of images? Then at least choose 100 grams paper, so that the images in your comic book do not shine through the paper.

  • You can also choose the type of paper for the cover of your comic book. For example, go for a firm cover of 250 grams or 300 grams Natural card (white).

  • Have the cover of your comic books coated with a glossy protective layer. This way your comic books will maintain their quality for a long time.

  • Submit the pages of your comic book as separate pages and not as spreads. For the binding of a comic book as a magazine, the number of pages must be divisible by 4 (we can also add a white page if it does not suit your design).

  • Would you rather bind your comic book with a continuous cover? Then choose a comic book that is Perfectly bound.

Always fast delivery of comic books

Through online printing we can print and bind your comic books quickly and efficiently. That in turn ensures that our delivery times are very short: by default we deliver comic books within two working days! Have your comic books delivered or pick them up in Amsterdam.

Do you need your comic books sooner? That is also possible. Order your comic books urgently and you will have the comic books within one business day.

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