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A3 size

Final size (after finishing) is A3

A2 size

Final size (after finishing) is A2

A1 size

Final size (after finishing) is A1

A0 size

Final size (after finishing) is A0

Size differs

You can specify a different size here (width x height in mm). You enter the final size that must remain after trimming (without bleed) or finishing (folding, binding, etc.) or finishing (folding, binding, etc.)

IKEA poster for photo frame

These sizes are in line with the interchangeable frames from IKEA (RIBBA series). The frame is not supplied by default. However, you can order these with your prints, choose the option incl. IKEA frame under Finishing. The sizes mentioned are the size of the frames.

If a custom size is submitted, the print may have a white border on the sides, if this white border is not visible in the preview, this will be covered by the IKEA frame.

Photo frame sizes

Next to the A sizes, these sizes are very common, for some of these sizes we offer matching photo frames.

Standard paper (white 80 grams)

Standard (thin) paper for simple applications such as construction and line drawings. The colors are clear but slightly faded (the printer automatically limits the amount of ink, which reduces the color strength at full coverage). Also with full coverage you can see that the paper starts to bubble due to the absorption of ink (despite the limitation of the amount of ink). The paper is very mat and not smooth and therefore excellent for writing (comparable to office paper). This paper type is easy to fold (this folding is not possible with us).

Geschikt voor: Bouwtekeningen, schema's, grafieken, tekst, plattegronden.

Glossy (off-white 170 gr)

Luxurious glossy paper which makes photos look amazing. This paper is off-white in color and glossy on both sides, so double-sided printing is no problem at all. It is very suitable for photos but not comparable to high-gloss photo paper which photo specialist stores provide.

Suitable for:
Flyers, Posters, Affiches, Photobooks

Environment: Woodfree ECF, EU Ecolabel, FSC Mix, EMAS, ISO 14001 (enhancement & management of environmental conservation) and ISO 50001 (energy limitation & sustainability)
Properties: DigiGold Gloss 170 grams, machine coated gloss paper, ISO 9706 (resistant to aging) and ISO 9001 certified, whiteness class 138cie, 138um thick, 98% opacity

180 grams mat paper

Very nice white and firm paper, very mat, suitable for all applications, especially photos stand out very well. Can be hung for a few months without bulging, the paper is firm and therefore less likely to crease. Especially selected for posters.

Suitable for:
Posters, Affiches

Environment: FSC certified
Properties: Canon satin photo paper 180 grams, 230um thick

190 grams satin paper

Very nice white and firm paper, slightly shiny (not glossy), suitable for all applications, especially photos stand out very well. Can be hung for a few months without bulging, the paper is firm and therefore less likely to crease. Especially selected for posters.

Suitable for:
Posters, Affiches

Environment: FSC certified
Properties: Canon satin photo paper 190 grams, slightly glossy, 230um thick

Very firm paper (white 250 grams)

Very thick and very white, guaranteed razor-sharp prints and bright colors. Because the paper is ironed, it has a slight shine (but is absolutely not glossy). Excellent writable paper.

Suitable for:
Flyers, Portfolio, Loose pages

Not possible with:
Thermal binding, Perfect binding

Environment: FSC Mix, woodfree ECF, EU Ecolabel, ISO 14001 (strengthening & controlling environmental conservation)
Properties: Pro Design 250 grams, ironed paper, ISO 9706 (resistant to aging) and ISO 9001 certified, print is waterproof, whiteness class 168cie, 250um thick, 98% opacity

Card paper

Super firm 350 grams paper, off-white. Both sides coated with a light gloss (is more mat than glossy). Is suitable to write on, but it takes a few seconds for it to dry well (so it smears a bit if you brush over it too quickly).

Suitable for:
Business cards, Cards, Portfolio, Loose pages

Environment: FSC Mix credit, EU Ecolabel, ECF certified
Properties: MultiCard 2S 350 grams, mc paper (machine coated), print is waterproof, whiteness class 133cie, 372um thick, 100% opacity

Polyester 265µm

Polyester is water resistant and color-retaining, suitable for outdoor use. Only one-sided printing is possible.

Environment: 160µm waterproof, resistant to UV radiation.
Properties: 160µm waterproof, resistant to UV radiation.

Display cardboard 2mm

Two-sided ironed matt cardboard in white. This material is made of cardboard and 100% recyclable. As the cardboard is not water-resistant it is only suitable for indoor use. With a pen / marker you can easily write on the surface. You can't fold or crease the material.

Environment: 100% recyclable cardboard, FSC certified
Properties: 2mm whole grain cardboard ironed on both sides, resistant to UV radiation, not water resistant

Full color

The entire document will be printed in color.

Borderless printing

The standard print margin is 5 mm, do your images or texts run to the edge of your document? Choose this option. We then produce your document in a way that the print margin does not apply (your document is enlarged by 1 mm on all sides, we will cut this magnification away / clean).

If you do not select this option, the outer 5mm (all around) remains unprinted / white (see image on the right). The "borderless" option is not possible in all combinations.
Tip: Use the preview to see if this option is required.

For the experts: 3mm / 5mm bleed, crop marks are allowed. If you add bleed we do not enlarge the document.

Photo frame black

Aluminium wissellijst met een ovale lijstrand van 9mm, een heldere transparante plaat* van 2mm vormt de voorkant en bescherming van de afbeelding. MDF achterwand van 3mm dik en is voorzien van een zeer eenvoudig wisselsysteem. De lijsten worden stevig verpakt en beschermd.

Stand-up (with hanging option)

Stand-up to freely put up or hang a firm panel or card. Depending on the chosen size the matching stand-up will be delivered. The stand-up is multi-functional, it can be used as a footrest but also offers the possibility to hang with one punch hole.


With these strips you can easily hang your poster flat against the wall. Contains a bottom and top strip.

Poster hanger wood

The wooden slats are equipped with magnets, making it very easy to change / place them. A complete set for 1 poster therefore has 4 slats, of which 1 has a suspension cord.

Note: The slats are 20mm high and therefore cover a small part of the design.

Velcro fastener circles

With this self-adhesive velcro fastener circles of ø16mm, you can easily assembly posters on smooth surfaces without leaving lasting damage. The velcro fastener circles are white and self-adhesive. You will receive a set for 4 corners (4x circles soft, 4x circles rough).

Standard document check

Basic check of the document when starting the production. We will always make sure your document is usable after printing.


  • Document scaled properly
  • Proper bleed
  • Pages rotated

Extended document check

With this option we check your document early in the process. We advice to check this option when you order a large quantity, presentation material or complicated documents.


  • Document scaled properly
  • Proper bleed
  • Resolutions of the images
  • Margins (text at safe distance from the edge)
  • Finishing
  • Pages rotated

Pick-up in Amsterdam (at Print&Bind or pick-up point)

You can pick up the order from 16:00h (or 10:00h urgently) at Print&Bind in Amsterdam Sloterdijk, our location is easily accessible by car (A10) or public transport (metro stop Isolatorweg). We keep your order for a maximum of 2 weeks.

Opening hours:

Monday till Thursday 08:00 - 21:30
Friday 08:00 - 18:00
Saturday till Sunday 09:00 - 18:00

In addition, pick up at one of the pickup points in Amsterdam is possible from 6 p.m.

Your order will be held for a maximum of one week at the location, so do not wait to long to pick up your package.

Send by post

Order will be delivered by letterbox or parcel post (depending on the size). There are various possibilities like:
- Pick up at PostNL location 16:00h
- Pick up at PostNL location 8:30h
- Evening delivery
- Morning delivery 10.00h
- Sunday delivery
- International
Read more about it on the page delivery methods

Manufacturing costs urgent

With urgency your order will be processed the same day (if your order before 1 pm). With budget you will get a discount but the production will take longer (4 days).

Price and delivery date are calculated automatically

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