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You can order separate materials here, these are always unprinted.
Delivery method

We deliver envelopes in high quality (120 grams). We provide them for different card sizes: A5, A6, Square (135x135mm) and Din large (210x99mm). All sizes are available in diverse colors: basic, powerful, dark, pastel and metallic. All envelopes have a gummed glue strip. Tip: use a wet sponge to close them quickly and easily

Check out our detailed overview of all the colors

Envelope 156x110mm

Envelope in a size of 156x110mm, suitable for A6 cards.

Envelope 220x156mm

Envelope in a size of 220x156mm, suitable for A5 cards.

Envelope 140x140mm

Envelope in a size of 140x140mm, suitable for square cards of 135x135mm.

Envelope 220x110mm

Envelope in a size of 220x110mm, suitable for Din Long cards of 105x210mm.

Pick-up in Amsterdam (at Print&Bind or pick-up point)

You can pick up the order from 16:00h (or 10:00h urgently) at Print&Bind in Amsterdam Sloterdijk, our location is easily accessible by car (A10) or public transport (metro stop Isolatorweg).

TIJDELIJK: Vanwege de enorme drukte is het tijdstip voor afhalen in de middag aangepast naar 18:00.

We keep your order for a maximum of 2 weeks.

Opening hours:

Monday till Thursday 08:00 - 21:30
Friday 08:00 - 18:00
Saturday till Sunday 09:00 - 18:00

In addition, pick up at one of the pickup points in Amsterdam is possible from 6 p.m.

Your order will be held for a maximum of one week at the location, so do not wait to long to pick up your package.

Send by post

Order will be delivered by letterbox or parcel post (depending on the size). There are various possibilities like:
- Pick up at PostNL location 16:00h
- Pick up at PostNL location 8:30h
- Evening delivery
- Morning delivery 10.00h
- Sunday delivery
- International
Read more about it on the page delivery methods

Manufacturing costs urgent

With urgency your order will be processed the same day (if your order before 1 pm). With budget you will get a discount but the production will take longer (4 days).

Price and delivery date are calculated automatically

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