Add page numbers in Word

Below you can read how you can easily and quickly insert page numbers in your Microsoft Word file in 3 steps. Including useful layout tips for a professional look!

With double-sided printing, it is better if the page numbering is on the odd pages on the right and on the even pages on the left. This way the page numbers can never disappear in the spine when binding and it is always on the same side for the reader. You set this as follows:

Go to 'Insert', then to 'Page Number' and then choose the option 'Bottom of Page, Plain Number 3'.


Then check the 'Different Odd & Even Pages' at the 'Header & Footer Tools' (under this same heading you can also tick the box 'Different First Page' so that the page numbering does not start on the front page).


Go to page 2 (or the page from which you want the numbering to start) and go to 'Insert, then to Page Number. Then choose the 'Botom or Page, Plain Number 1' option.


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