How to convert Word to PDF

Converting Word to PDF is quite easy. From the main menu of Microsoft Word, go to "File" and choose "Save As". In most cases you can then change the file type. Choose PDF or PDF document here. You can then save the file permanently. With this, you have converted your Word file to a PDF document.

The alternative for converting Word to PDF

Are you unable to save your Word document as a PDF? Then there is often also an alternative method. In this case too, choose "File" in the main menu of Word. Then select "Print". A screen with various settings should open. In most cases you can select here "Print as PDF" or for Apple users: "Open PDF in preview". You can then save the PDF. This is how you actually make a digital print of your Word file!

Tip: do not choose the "Fast printing" function, because then you will skip the print settings and your own printer will start working immediately.

Note the quality settings of the PDF

To ensure the optimal quality of your prints, it is worth checking the quality settings of your PDF saved from Word. You can read how to do this here.