Price changes and new delivery method

The prices of paper and packaging materials are rising quickly. As the number of online orders increased due to COVID, the demand for cardboard also increased strongly, which has influenced the market.

Price changes in printing on the national news

On the 20th of September NOS reported that Christmas cards might become 25% more expensive due to the phenomenon called "pulp friction". Earlier, the book sector already sounded the alarm about their paper shortages resulting from the mass home delivery taking place. Large paper producers warned about price changes resulting from the persistent shortages. The same goes for cardboard packaging materials. Unfortunately, it is not only the paper that got more expensive but also ink and energy.

Price changes at Print&Bind

Print&Bind announces the following price changes:

  • Price increase for 80 grams paper, stickers, and luxury paper types

  • Price increase poster paper

  • Higher costs for package delivery via PostNL

  • Introduction of a new, affordable delivery method named Budbee

  • Price increase for international delivery

  • Price increase for luxury cover for orders with small quantities, but a price advantage for higher quantities

  • Price increase for the finishing option matt lamination

  • Price increase for multiple accessories, such as picture frames

  • An additional surcharge for sending A3 size packages

  • Price changes for 24-hour courier in multiple areas

Far-reaching optimization to minimize price increases

The development department at Print&Bind continuously works to improve the physical and digital processes. Every activity is optimized more and more to ensure the best result and price. Every day, the team works on processes to make ordering, producing, and delivery as efficient as possible. This way, we can minimize the price increases that result from more expensive paper, cardboard, and ink.

New delivery option for private customers: Budbee

From now on, you can decide for yourself how, where, and when the deliverer has to deliver your order using Budbee! We have added this new, affordable delivery method for private customers. Budbee delivers Monday through Friday between 17.00h and 22.00h. You can even track your deliverer using realtime tracking! Want to know more? Check out Budbee's website!


Are you a frequent customer at Print&Bind and do you have questions about what the price changes mean for you specifically? Then contact our customer service via Send us an e-mail using the same address you use for orders and mention your customer number in your message. Of course, you can also calculate prices using our calculator.