What size is an A7?

The A7 size is often used for printing small cards or flyers. It has a width of 7,4 cm and a height of 10,5 cm. This paper size is ⅛ of an A4 sheet (the most common paper size, the one you generally use in a home printer), and only slightly larger than a business card.

A7 size in millimeters, centimeters en inches

Below you can find an overview of the A7 size in different units of measurement.

Paper size


A7 paper

74 x 105 mm7,4 x 10,5 cm2,9 x 4,1 inch

A7 size in pixels

Below you can find an overview of A7 size in pixels at three different resolutions. The resolution is expressed in ppi: pixels per inch.


300 ppi100 ppi72 ppi

A7 paper

1240 x 874 pixels413 x 291 pixels298 x 210 pixels

A7 compared to other sizes

The A7 paper size is not used very often, but can still be very suitable for certain purposes. All sizes in the A-series have a lenght-width ratio of √2:1. So every A-size is twice the size of the next smaller one: if you put two A7 sheets together, you get an A6. Similarly, four A7 sheets make one A5 and eight A7's make an A4.

Uses for A7 size paper

Although A7 paper is not used very often, you can still order this size as one of the standard options for a flyer. For many of our products, you can also fill in custom sizes in millimeters. So if you want to order small greeting cards or stickers with the same size as an A7, you can also fill in 74 mm for the width and 105 mm for the height (or the other way around!)

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Paper types for A7 size prints

A7 size can be used to print small flyers or photos. For simple flyers, our 80, 90, or 100 grams paper could be sufficient. If you want a more luxurious appearance for your prints, then consider our 160 grams Extra Firm or 250 grams Very Firm paper types. For cards, our special paper types such as Old Dutch or Pearl Luxury, are great options.

Paper weights for A7 sheets

The weight of paper is expressed in grams per square meter. A0 has a size that is equal to one square meter, so an A0 sheet of 250 grams paper weighs 250 grams. Below you can find a table of the weight of one A7 sheet for our different paper types.

Paper type

Weight of an A7 sheet

80 grams standard

0,63 gram
90 grams roman biotop0,70 gram

100 grams firm

0,78 gram

160 grams extra firm

1,25 gram

170 grams glossy

1,33 gram

190 grams satin

1,48 gram

250 grams very firm

1,95 gram

300 grams natural card

2,34 gram

350 grams card

2,73 gram

The available paper types can differ between products. Additionally, we also have some special paper types.

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