Which paper type should I choose for my prints?

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right paper type for your print work. You might be wondering whether a certain paper type is suitable for the type of print that you want to order. Below we give you some tips to choose the right paper type for your product!

What does the paper's weight mean?

First the basics: we express the difference between paper types with the weight of the paper. The lighter the paper, the thinner the paper. The heavier the paper, the thicker. Thicker paper is more sturdy and is often used to print cards and book covers. Thinner paper is often used for loose prints, flyers, and the interior pages of books.

Which paper is suitable for printing images and photos?

The thickness of the paper also affects its transparency. Thinner paper types such as 80 gram are often used in office printers. While this paper type is perfectly suitable for printing simple documents, we recommend a heavier paper type for printing images and photos. Images will shine through less with 100 or 160 grams paper, and the paper also feels a bit more luxurious. Additionally, we recommend always printing photos on standard or glossy paper. On a textured paper type, photos will be less clearly visible.

Also, consider the color of the paper. Most paper types we offer are white or off-white. However, some paper types, such as Kraft and Eco fiber, have a brown color. This can lead to colors that look different than they do on the computer. You can easily check this in our online preview.

What is the right paper type for printed cards?

Do you want a fancy, luxurious appearance for your cards? Then have a look at our textured paper types, such as Linen, Old Dutch, and Classic. Basic greeting cards can be printed on a neutral, smooth paper type such as 350 grams card or natural card (white). Are you throwing a glitter and glamour party, or do you want to print new year's cards? Then our paper types Pearl Luxury or Metallic Subtle might be what you are looking for. Do you want a sustainable look for your cards? Then our ecological paper type Eco Fibre will give your cards the right appearance.

Cards can be made for a variety of occasions. Whether you need name tags for an event, invitations for a birthday or wedding, or just simple greeting cards, at Print en Bind we have the perfect paper type for every occasion.

Prints for outdoor use?

Do you want to use your printed posters, panels, or flyers outside? Then it is useful to know which paper types and panel materials are water-resistant. We have the paper type Nevertear in a thin variant (125um) and a sturdier variant (270um). This paper type can not be torn and is water-resistant. This makes Nevertear paper very suitable for flyers, menus, and posters.

In addition to paper types, we also offer multiple panel materials that are suitable for outdoor use. These panel materials can all be printed with your own design. Dibond panels (3 mm) are made from black polyethylene and have a topcoat made of aluminum on both sides. Firm plate has a structure that makes it very sturdy, but at the same time, it is easy to cut, fold and crease. This makes firm plate perfect for real estate signs. Forex material (3 of 5 mm) is made from PVC and can be printed on both sides. Forex is only suitable for temporary outside use. Click here for an overview of all panel materials.

What is the perfect paper type for a book cover?

The cover of your book or magazine is the first impression you leave. The choice of the paper type for your cover is thus very important. At Print&Bind you can choose between multiple sturdy paper types for the cover of your book. Do you want a classical appearance, then choose a paper type that has a slight structure (Classic, Old Dutch, or Linen). Do you want a basic look and feel? Then choose a neutral sturdy paper type, such as natural card or 350 grams card paper. Want to create an ecological appearance? Then choose our Eco Fibre paper (keep in mind that a color difference may occur due to the brown color of the paper). Do you want to print a festive book? Then print your cover on Metallic Subtle or Pearl Luxury.

Do you want to bind your book with a ring binder? Then you can also choose black card for your back cover. Or you could choose to add a transparant sheet to the front and back cover of your book.

Free samples of our paper types?

Are you still in doubt about which paper type you want for your prints? Then order our paper sample book. This book will allow you to feel the texture of the different paper types and see how colors look on the paper. The sample book is free, you only pay for the delivery.

For a complete overview of our paper types, you can click here.