Paper sample book

Order the paper sample book. The booklet itself is free, you only pay the shipping costs. If you request it during office hours, it will be sent the same day, otherwise it will be sent the next business day. It contains samples of all our paper types, sticker and poster material.

What's in it?

A paper sample booklet contains the following types of paper:

  • Standard (white 80 grams)
  • Roman (warm white 90 grams) new
  • Firm (white 100 grams)
  • Extra firm (white 160 grams)
  • Glossy paper (170 grams) new
  • Very firm (white 250 grams)
  • Natural card (white 300 grams) new
  • Card (off-white 350 grams)
  • Calssic (warm white 270 grams)
  • Old Dutch (warm white 300 grams)
  • Linen pressing (white 250 grams)
  • Metallic subtle (warm white 300 grams)
  • Pearl luxury (white 300 grams)
  • Eco fiber paper (beige 295 grams)
  • Kraft (brown 285 grams)
  • Poster (white 190 grams)
  • Nevertear (95um and 270um)
  • Sticker sheet polyester (58um)
  • Sticker sheet - paper (89um) new
  • Finishing - coating

Types of paper that are not yet in the booklet are:

  • Polyester


Fast delivery of paper sample book within two business days
Pick up your paper sample book for free at
All our paper types: sticker paper, poster paper, luxury paper, ecological paper has produced 1.356 of !
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    The service is so good and I had great experience.

  • Excellent quality and speed

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