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A nice evening of playing old maid, poker or bridge with friends or family? What could be better than to do this with your own design card deck? Personalized card games are also effective and fun promotional material to hand out at events, fairs and parties. With our many options of paper types (non-tearable cards possible) you always have the perfect playing cards!

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Print high quality card deck online

Of course you want your playing cards to last long. Choose from our diverse range of firm paper types:

  • Standard paper types for playing cards are 300 grams Natural card or 350 grams card. If desired, choose the coating option (you can read more about it below).

  • You can also choose our special types of paper, for example paper with a light metallic effect. Note that these paper types cannot be coated.

  • Do you want non-tearable playing cards? Choose Nevertear paper! This paper type is non-tearable and water and dirt resistant. This way your playing cards will last a very long time.

  • A card game is often printed on both sides, so that you know for sure that the cards will not shine through (see image).

  • We always print your card deck in color, for the best possible result.

Playing cards with round corners and coating

Standard sizes for playing cards are 55x85 mm (bridge size) and 62x88 mm (poker size). Playing cards have round corners by default, so that they are comfortable to hold. Choose the coating option to give your cards an extra glossy protective layer. Please note, we do not supply "real" playing cards, this concerns self-designed playing cards. These cards are of course extremely suitable to be used for different games!

Quick delivery of card decks

If you order playing cards from, they will be delivered within two working days by default. If you place an order urgently, the cards will be ready for you within 24 hours! You can find all delivery options here.

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