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Playing games with friends or family? What could be more fun than having your own board game design printed? You can do this easily and cheaply online! Upload a file from an existing board game such as a checkerboard, chess board, or monopoly. Or if you have Photoshop or Indesign skill, you can design your own personal variation of an existing board game.

We only use solid panel materials for board games, such as forex, display board, or eco board. Whatever board game you order, we will deliver it within two business days. Need your board game even faster? Ordered urgently means, means we will deliver your board game within one business day.

Already prepared your document? Order your bordspel directly.

High quality game board printing

  • We print your board games in high quality. Boards games are produced without wihite borders by default.
  • All of our panel materials can also be printed on both sides. This means you can have two games printed on one board!
  • Optionally choose round corners for your board game.
  • Unfortunately we cannot fold the game boards.

Bordspel bedrukken en vouwen

At Printenbind we can fold your printed board game inexpensively. This way your board game easily fits in a box and is easy to store. Ideal for board games! Choose from the following folding options:

  • Center fold: a single fold in the center of the board. This option is possible with the sheet materials Channel plate, Eco board and Display board.
  • Double fold: with this folding method you can fold your plate twice to a quarter of its original size. This folding option is only possible with the sheet material Display cardboard.

Various panel materials for board games

Print your game board on different panel materials:

  • Do you want a board game that can take a beating? Go for Forex or Channel plate. These panel materials are also water resistant.
  • Go for one of our ecological board materials: Eco board or Display cardboard. These are 100% recyclable, but are not water-repellent.
Print quality board games online
Print foam board games!
Various panel materials for your board game: print ecological board games

Always fast delivery of your game board

Is the design of your board game ready? Upload today and receive your printed board game very quickly within one (rush) or two business days (standard). Picking up your own design board games in Amsterdam is also possible. What are you waiting for! Order printed board games easily and cheaply online!

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