What is thermal binding ?

If you choose the binding option 'thermal binding', your book will be bound using a linen strip. This strip is glued to the side of the book. This strip also partially covers the front and back cover of the book, giving it a classic look and extra sturdiness. Thermal binding is mostly chosen for thesis, dissertations, and yearbooks.

Good to know

Documents with 20 or more pages can be bound with this method. The books are tightly bound using a copybinder machine, which places the linen strip right on the spine of the book.

Cover options

If you choose thermal biding, there are multiple options for the front and back covers. For example, you can choose a transparent sheet for the front or a printed cover on sturdy card paper. If you choose a printed cover, you don't have to upload a separate file. We will simply use the first page in your file for the cover. For the back cover of your book, you can choose between transparent, black card paper, white card paper, or printed card.

Thermal vs Wire-O

For thermal binding, we use a linen strip to glue together the interior pages and the covers. Wire-O books are bound using a metal spiral ring. You can put down a Wire-O book flat on the table. This is not possible for books that are bound with thermal binding. If you are going to use the book often we recommend Wire-O, as this is a sturdier binding method than thermal binding.

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Extra finishing options for thermal binding

There are multiple finishing options you can choose from:

  • Coating: if you choose a printed cover, you can add a glossy coating. This will give the cover a slightly glossy appearance. Besides making colors stand out even better, this glossy layer also makes the book splash-water resistant.  

  • Round corners: Do you want a more playful look for your book? Then round corners are a great choice. If you choose this option, the corners on the right side of the book will be rounded. The corners on the left side of the book, where the linen strip is glued, are not rounded.

  • Separator sheets: Do you have multiple chapters and want to clearly indicate where a new chapter starts? By adding separator sheets, which have a bright blue color, you can easily see where the next chapter begins.  

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