Print your building plans

Of course you want to show a detailed building plan to your contractor or your customers. We print building plans in high quality, so that all details are clearly visible. Deliver your own design of the building plan in PDF for the best result.

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Print blue prints

Print building plans in high quality:

  • Different types of paper are possible: 80, 100, 160, 300, 350 grams. We recommend that you use 160 g paper for printing a building plan, so that the building plan is firm and can also be rolled up.

  • New: print blue prints on 80 grams paper in large sizes! Useful for one-time use and if you still want to be able to write or draw on your blue-prints.

  • Do you need to use you building plan(s) frequently? Choose our papertype Nevertear. This is non-tearable and water and dirt resistant. Perfect for building plans! Note that you cannot write on Nevertear paper and cannot fold this papertype properly.

  • Of course you want to put as much information as possible on your building plan. Note that you place important texts and images at least 5 mm from the edge. Read here how you can best submit a building plan with a framework in the design.

  • Submit your building plan online as a PDF in high resolution of at least 300 dpi.

Print large size building plans

Every building plan is different. Therefore choose the size for your building plan yourself.

  • Choose a standard size such as A3. This size is printed on matte paper. You can write on this paper and it can be folded as you wish.

  • Need a larger building plan? Choose A2 or A1, A0, B1, B0 or ​​Abri format. These large size building plans are printed on poster paper. You can easily roll up or hang this paper on a construction site, but you cannot fold or describe it properly. We always deliver our large size posters in a tube!

  • Or decide for yourself the size that best fits your building plan.

Fast low priced printing of building plans

We print and deliver building plans within two business days by default. Need your building plan faster? You can also order urgently at, which means that we can deliver your building plans within 24 hours.

Would you prefer to collect the building plans yourself in Amsterdam? This is possible at our location near Sloterdijk station or at one of our pick-up points in Amsterdam.

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