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Are you taking graphic design, fashion, or art courses? To fit all your photos, drawings and mood boards we offer A3-size (297x420 mm) books! We will bind the pages together using a strong silver wire, a binding method that will allow you to open the book and put it down completely flat. That way, you can present the contents of your book nicely.

For whatever purpose you need your A3 book, ordering it is easy online at Print&Bind! Our standard delivery is within 48 hours, our urgent delivery gets your order to you in only 24 hours. Easy and fast, so order now!

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Tips for ordering your A3 book

When you upload a file for printing your A3 book, keep in mind the following:

  • Upload the file as a PDF to make sure the lay-out comes out exactly how you expect it.

  • To add the ring binder to your A3 book, we make punch holes in the paper. We can place these on the short or the long side of your book. Make sure that important text and images are not too close to the edge of the paper. Not on the side where the punch holes go, but also the other edges. For more on margins, you can check the submission conditions.

High-quality printing on A3 size

We offer high-quality printing, using high-quality paper types and printers that print your A3 book at a resolution of 1200*48000 dpi. In the order form you can decide yourself which paper type best matches your A3 book and make your choices for the covers.

Make sure the file that you deliver to us has the images in high resolution. We suggest a resolution of 300 dpi for your file.

Quick delivery of your A3 book

Need your A3 book urgently? We offer the possibility to have your own book in your hands as quickly as within three hours! By placing an urgent order before 13.00h you can pick up your order from 16.00h at our location in Amsterdam. If you don't live in the area, we will hand over your order to the postal service the same day!

If you are instead well on time with your order, you can also choose our budget delivery option. Except for the delivery time, this changes nothing about your order. For example: if you order before 18.00h, you can expect your delivery in 4 business days. By choosing this option you get a 10% discount on our already low prices.

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